An Overview Of The Saree's Incredible History

An Overview Of The Saree's Incredible History

We are proud of the many Beautiful Sarees that we can provide for various occasions including weddings, black tie events and sangeet nights. However, we have to concede that in crafting our designs, we are building upon the many centuries of history over which the saree has developed.

How Sarees Have Taken Shape Over Time

The saree's history can be traced back to ancient India; for example, an Indus valley priest, whose civilisation was buoyant from 2,800-1,800 B.C.E., has been depicted in statue form wearing a drape. Ancient Tamil poetry has also described women in sarees.

In ancient Indian tradition, the saree was intended to leave the midriff bare, as life and creativity were thought to derive from the Supreme Being's navel. Some historians have deemed the dhoti, a draped garment of very long history, a predecessor of the saree.

While there are differences of opinion between historians, they tend to agree that Indian women have worn sarees over hundreds of years - and have opted for saree-like attire for even longer.

Different Ways Of Draping A Saree

A saree is most often draped in such a way that it covers the waist and bust while also having one end across the shoulder. This has been called the 'Modern' or 'North India' style. However, there are various alternative methods for draping a saree.

For instance, a saree could be draped not only over the shoulder but also beneath the right arm. Gond styles from Central India see the cloth brought firstly across the left shoulder and then to cover the body. Alternatively, the saree could be tied firmly across the chest for a more tribal style.

We Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

You could experiment with these draping methods and others after obtaining a glamorous saree from our extensive selection here at Khubsoorat. In the over three decades that we have been in business, we have often reinvented this type of garment to alluring effect.

Our website shows a small sample of our growing collection of beautiful sarees. We invite you to contact us to learn about our complete range or to book a consultation, particularly in relation to the bespoke design process that we can also provide.