Things to Consider When Getting Polo Shirts as Workplace Uniform

Purchasing the right uniforms for your organisation or team is a daunting task. But, polo shirts make the choice easier. These shirts are no longer confined to the golf course or tennis court. The style of the shirt has become popular in the hospitality, retail and transport sectors, as well as, software & IT companies. The reason for this huge popularity is because the polo shirts with a button placket and knitted collar look extremely smart. However, there are certain factors to keep in mind when picking the perfect polo shirts for men. Keep reading to make an informed decision.

# Fabric

Since uniforms are generally worn for a minimum of 40 hours a week, the fabric plays a huge role in making the wearer feel comfortable. Unlike business shirts where cotton-rich fabrics are most favoured, the trend in polo shirts is 100% polyester fabrics and polyester blends. Polo shirts made from polyester fabrics do not shrink or fade, do not require ironing and has quick-drying capabilities. Since these polo shirts do not need much care and maintenance, it makes for the perfect choice as workwear uniform.

# Stylish and Sophisticated Fit

Customers and clients would not like to deal with people who are dressed shabbily. This also sends out the wrong message for the brand or business. If you want to create a good impression in the minds of your prospects, it is important that your staff is well-dressed. So, just placing an order for polo shirts is not enough. You need to make sure that the shirts fit your staff perfectly. You can choose polo shirts in slim fit options, as well as, short or long sleeve styles. The polo shirt style that you choose must be reflective of the personality of your brand and make all your staff and employees look sharp and appealing.

# Logo or Brand Name

Since you are going to be using the polo shirts as uniforms, it makes sense to add your brand name or logo. Most polo shirt styles will suit embroidery, but some might be well-suited to screen printing. You can get in touch with companies offering bespoke uniforms and discuss your requirements. These companies might also be able to provide you with polo shirt uniforms that exactly match your needs. Whether you want just your logo to be included in one corner of the shirt or wish to print your brand name across the back of the polo shirt, remember to discuss every design aspect with the professionals. You can also take inspiration from how other organisations and corporate houses are making use of polo shirts as uniforms.

# Budget

Before you begin your search for polo shirts uniform suppliers, it is important that you decide upon your budget. There can be several instances where your budget will dictate your options. However, short or long sleeve polo shirts in polyester blends or polyester fabrics are easily available at competitive rates. These shirts will last your staff several years and are sturdy enough to withstand washes and rough use.

Since uniforms are primarily used for impressing customers or clients, it is important that you choose colours that help your staff stand out from the rest. However, because polo shirts have always been on top of fashion trends, your staff does not have to try too hard to look their best.

Improve the appearance of your employees, promote your brand name and boost work attitude by using polo shirts as staff uniforms. Irrespective of the sector or industry that you are a part of, polo shirts look great. To place your order in bulk, look for wholesale manufacturers and suppliers. Talk to them regarding your exact uniform requirements and seek assistance from professionals. They will guide you in finding the right design, shirts and sizes.