Mushroom Types and Mushroom Health Benefits

In ancient days, mushrooms were considered as special delectable food and were served only to kings and emperors and other members of royal blood. This exotic food has paved away long ago into Asian cuisine and now is slowly gaining acceptance in European countries too. They have become extremely popular in modern era owing to their numerous health benefits. Nutritionists have recognized mushroom health benefits and hence are recommending it to several people. Let us look at some of the most popular types of and mushroom health benefits.

Oyster Mushrooms: just as the name suggests, these mushrooms look like oysters and they are large in size. Several studies have shown that Oyster are high on anti-oxidants like Selenium. Scientists believe that high amount of selenium can lead to increased defence against HIV. Nutritionists therefore feel that Oyster can help in building stronger immunity against HIV infections.

Button Mushroom: button mushrooms are probably the most popular forms of mushrooms across the globe. These white mushrooms are known for their high fibre content. High fibre content in them makes it vital food in weight loss as it enhances body's metabolism rate. Fibrous food requires more energy for digestion and hence it helps the body to break down fats with ease. So all you people, who want to lose weight, add button mushrooms to your diet today. Button mushrooms are also good for preventing prostate cancer owing to its anti- tumour properties.

Portobello Mushrooms: Portobello have meaty taste and texture. They can be ideal substitute for ground meat. Portobello are high on vitamin D content as well as on fibre content. Vitamin D is helpful for patients who combat joint inflammation diseases. Patients suffering from Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis tend to develop higher Vitamin D levels with help of mushrooms. Similarly people who want to lose weight also benefit from high fibre content in Portobello.

Reishi Mushrooms: this mushroom is loaded with health benefits. It contains gandodermic acid which is essential for reducing your cholesterol levels. Reduced cholesterol levels can reduce the risk of heart attacks considerably. This super mushroom not only tickles your taste buds but also has several benefits like anti-aging properties, anti-tumour properties, anti-cancer properties and anti-fungal properties. Do we need to give you any more reasons for adding Reishi to your diet?

Chanterelle Mushrooms: Chanterelle are also popularly known as trumpet mushrooms. They are highly regarded by nutritionists for their anti-fungal properties. Consumption of these mushrooms helps in fighting infections efficiently. These mushrooms also have anti-tumour properties and hence are recommended for cancer patients.

Now that you know about the health benefits of mushrooms, it is time to make positive changes to your diet. Do remember that cooked mushrooms are more nutritious than raw ones.