Black & Decker G48T Electric Waffle Maker

Black & Decker G48T Electric Waffle Maker

A waffle baker, grill, and griddle, this three-in-one appliance comes in handy during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after school. Key to the unit's versatility are two 8-inch-square cooking plates--one set into the product's bottom and the other into the hinged top. On one side the plates form grids for making four waffles at once. Flipped over to show their flat sides they're capable of top and bottom grilling a sandwich or steak. To create griddle space, the top opens up flat, forming two 8-inch-square cooking surfaces for all foods that love a griddle--such as pancakes, hash browns, and eggs. Channels send grease to spouts in the griddles' corners, where it drains away. Nonstick to release food easily and wipe clean, the cooking plates also can be removed for scrubbing. A heat control offers high, low, and medium temperatures. With its chrome housing and stay-cool black synthetic handles, this 900-watt appliance looks great on the counter. Afterward, the cord wraps around the hinge, plus you can stand the unit upright for compact storage. It measures 11-1/4 inches wide, 5 inches high, and 11-3/4 inches deep and carries a one-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack
Product Description
Black & Decker G48T Electric Waffle Maker, Griddle, Grill - Black & Decker integrates 3 popular electric cooking appliances into one space saving powerhouse that helps prepare meals quickly, flexibly, and comfortably. In addition to baking waffles, you can make grilled cheese or meat sandwiches, sausages, bacon, even eggs. It's an overall breakfast preparation appliance! 110 Volt AC Power Cord.

This is watt a heppy Waffle Maker had to say.
I love this waffle maker! It's like the ones our mom used, not those cheesy seeming plastic things they're making now. It's also got a lot of excellent features that make my life easier.
I'll mention right now that this is a VERY hot waffle maker. They make the plastic ones to be "cool touch". I'll trade the cool touch feature for the sturdier design of this versatile machine. I'm being careful and haven't burned myself yet. But it's something to consider if you'd like your children making waffles. My ten year old could be careful enough, but I keep my five and eight year olds away.

The waffles this machine makes are great! They freeze well too. The family is very happy. When the light goes of the unit is ready to make waffles. Pour in the batter and the light comes on again--wait for it to go off and the waffle is done (however, I usually go on instinct and sometimes pull out the waffle before the light goes off.)

The open grill feature makes wonderful pancakes and fried eggs. I have a big family and it's nice to have two pancakes cook at a shot without taking up all my stovetop! I can have bacon and eggs on the stove and the pancakes on the waffle maker. (I can also have a heart attack if I keep eating all these bacon and eggs!)

The sandwich feature is nice. I can cook two grilled cheese sandwiches at one time getting me out of the kitchen quicker. Some advice--cheese might drip out the side of the sandwich. Just keep the sandwich away from the back of the unit where the cables run in and the mess just wipes off--no problem. The sandwiches cook far more uniformly than they do in a pan on the stove. They taste great.

This unit cleans up easily and changing the grills from waffle to flat is easy. I recommend it over a lot of more costly models if you want more value for your money. This is the most versatile waffle maker I've found and all the features actually work!