Mineral Water Manufacturers Vs Natural Mineral Aqua

Water shortage, an on-going crisis in major parts of the world, especially third-world countries, has found its place among one of the most feasible business options for corporations. Cashing on the scarcity of clean water and sky-high demand, the bottled solution industry is on a trek to prosperity and growth. Take for instance, mineral water manufacturer in Kolkata that has been riding on the bandwagon of consistent demand from commercial and residential areas, is growing by leaps and bounds.

In this context, natural mineral solution, which is derived from the underground and does not stand in need of a processing, is its biggest competitor and has already, poked its nose in the vast packaged bottled water industry. Standing toe to toe with manufacturers, this form has created a small but an immaculate niche for itself in the market. Read on to know how natural mineral water is giving a tough competition to packaged drinking and what is best for our health.

Packaged mineral water is crowd-pleasing

Be it any part of the world, packaged drinking is available everywhere wherever there is a single soul breathing and living. Be it roadside stores, bus stops, railway stations and airports, the popularity of such drinking aqua stretches from cities to villages as well. Add to its credentials, rising health awareness and quick as a wink tourism has further fuelled and shaped the demand curve of bottled industry in the country.

Experts around the world have labeled a name for bottled water, called as Product People. The name is earned on account of a preconceived notion that prevails among all. As per the notion, due to the immaculate images of mountains and springs on the bottle, the water is assumed to be more pure than others.

Why natural mineral water should be consumed

On one hand, where packaged aqua is prepared from any source and highly advocates disinfection and treatment (something that includes filtration, ozone treatment, UV, reverse osmosis) before it is gulped down the throat, its counterpart is far from treatment.

Experts affirm that natural mineral water is ideal for human consumption and is packaged and used by all. Therein lay the premium source for all the thirsty ones.

License and authorization

Consider this out of so many natural H2O providers in the country, only 11-15 hold licenses, while the number of license holders for packaged drinking water has surpassed beyond expectation.

Numbers speak for themselves.

Charges not in favor

As per market reports from mineral water manufacturer in Kolkata, a liter of packaged drinking costs around Rs 10-12, while the price of natural aqua begins from Rs. 20 and shoots up to Rs 120. Transportation expense is also a key factor in deciding the price of water.

Although the price of natural water may not find its way in the preferred list initially, but eventually, the benefits of drinking such water surpasses the factor of cost, leaving packaged mineral water way behind when it comes to prioritizing health.