Since Ancient Times Greek Citizens Have Enjoyed an Exposure to Beer - A Toast to Greek Beer

Recent years, however, have seen a boom in Mediterranean microbreweries creating ales and lagers that Australian connoisseurs of all things hops are sure to enjoy.

So here's a little insight into Greek beers and just some of the offerings available at George's that will more than whet the beer appetite.

Greek beer

It's not that Greek culture hadn't enjoyed an exposure to beer, it's just that with such excellent wines on offer and specialties like Ouzo, Greece hadn't developed a world-renowned industry until relatively recently.

In fact historians note in Ancient Greece beer wasn't produced locally but was consumed to a large extent.

"The ancient Greeks were avid consumers of imported blonde beer, the consumption of which reached its peak during the festivities in the honour of goddess Demeter," it's claimed.

Meanwhile at the recent opening of the first Creative Brewery and Beer Museum in Greece it was revealed: "In ancient Greece, Sophocles urged for temperance and recommended a diet of bread, meat, vegetables and beer".

While consuming beer may date back to ancient times, production in Greece was limited until the late 19th Century and the opening of the famous brewery Ioannis Fix.

Now the country is emerging as a serious contender in the world beer stakes with varieties like Volkan beer from Santorini recognised with international awards.

World class varieties

With its warm weather and laid-back lifestyle, surely it was just a matter of time until Greece fully embraced the beer brewing trend.

As Discover Greece explains: "In recent years, Greece has discovered microbrewing. From Argos, Messinia, Patras and Evia to Crete, Santorini, Tinos, Chios, Corfu, Rhodes and Piraeus, Greek microbreweries are on the rise, creating flavoursome little miracles".

"Greek brewers - once professors, pharmacists, chemists, enologists - decided to devote themselves to experimenting with beer."

The first microbrewery began in 1997 and now there are more than 20 operating in some of the most picturesque destinations in Greece.

George's range

Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill serves a selection of the finest Greek beers. Ranging from the award winning Volkan Blonde Beer from Santorini to Pelaponese Blue Mak Lager and traditional favourites like Fix Hellas, our selection captures the fresh excitement and flavours of the emerging Greek brewing industry.

And where better to enjoy a chilled ale than at our waterfront Darling Harbour location? Come raise a glass to the Greek beer and a tradition that's been enjoyed for centuries but only recently come of age.