Chicken Pickle - Spices Needed For The Item

India can boast upon many things that she uniquely possesses, and her cuisine may find its place at the top of the list debatably. Some extraordinary cuisines are available only in India and she has liberally shared these items with the rest of the world.

Pickles are something very unique and authentic cuisine of India which is adored by the people of rest of the world. The recipe of any country is available anywhere in the world as well as the online Indian spices, thanks to different websites and yet, India proudly possesses the best tasted pickles which are hard to make with any other form of spices.

Pickle is usually a vegetarian side dish, which sometimes can be enjoyed on its own, but a few Indian non vegetarian pickles also are loved by people, for its unique taste and mouth watering essence. Such a dish is chicken pickle, which tastes as good as the name sounds, and now we will discuss the ingredients and recipe of this famous item.

To make chicken pickle, you need:

Chicken: boneless, cleaned, and cut into small pieces, you can shred it if you wish, so the spices can enter the pieces easily and thus, the dish will be even tastier.

Salt: as per the requirement

Red chilli powder: there are quite a few different chilli powder available in India, some provides the hot spiciness whilst the other one provides a particular kind of smell, and some chilli powder is there which provides only the colour to the food.

Turmeric powder: this one is good for health for various reasons. Turmeric can cure or at least lessen asthma related problems and it is also good for antiseptic purpose. This spice is also famous for its quality to cure the liver related problems as well.

Coriander: this almost round yellowish brown seeds are dry roasted and powdered before adding to any dish and it has quite a few medicinal property too, the most important being lowering high blood pressure and restraining the cholesterol.

Poppy seeds: popularly knows as khus khus all over the India, this tasty seeds are best for treating the stomach trouble when added with any item in paste form. Also these can be dry roasted and then it will lend a different kind of smell to the dish. The seeds are extracted from the dry pod of poppy plant and then are used to be dried before using as a spice.

Cashew nuts: the famous Indian dry fruit which adds to the taste and thickness of any item that it is added to, the nuts are good for bone strength and also is rich in nutrients.

Ginger: a very popular spice in India, ginger is usually dried or pasted in raw form before using in any Indian cuisine. It is said to take away the cold and cough from any flu patient.

Garlic, mustard seeds, fenugreek and lemon is also required for this item, and the end product can be stored for years, so you can enjoy your chicken pickle by preserving it well in a glass jar for years.