Most Popular Essential Indian Spices

India is famous for its wide range of spices, be it for their awesome colours that they lend to the cooking or the mouth watering aroma of the dishes. Also they are rich in medicinal value. So in every aspect Indian spices are the best in the world.

We have become health conscious and we all now know what we eat are what we are. So while we are checking every food and grocery item for their food value and purity concern, it is quite natural that we will look forward to have only organic items in our grocery list.

Spices are now getting organic, as we have come to know about the goodness of organic food items, be that Indian organic groceries or Indian organic spices, they are better in every way than their artificial versions.

So let us have a look at the organic spices, both whole and ground that are most commonly used in Indian and out of India to cook the delectable Indian dishes.

Black pepper: this is a spice originated in Western Ghats regions of India, and it lends the food a mild fragrance along with spiciness. It needs to be roasted and then grounder before adding to the dish.

Cinnamon: The kinds of cinnamon mostly used in India are Chinese cinnamon, which is actually cassia bark. True cinnamon is slightly different than cassia, as the smell it lends to the dish is lighter, so it needs to be added in greater quantity. It can be used in whole form or in ground form.

Cumin: this spice is again used in dust and in whole form, and it lends the signature smoky flavour to Indian dishes. It should be roasted and freshly ground before adding to the dish, to get the essence best.

Coriander: small seeds like cumin, coriander are rich in various medicinal properties, and it is golden yellow in colour. The smell is a bit citrus and it is fried in oil before the main curry is cooked. It also can be roasted or used in whole form to Indian curries.

Fenugreek: this spice gives a very rich south Indian flavour to any curry, as it contains a musky tinge to it. It should be given in proper portion as this spice is high in aroma, and it also tastes somehow bitter if given in a heavy portion.

Turmeric: debate ably the most common Indian spice, turmeric is used in dried dust form in almost every Indian dish. After coriander, cumin is the spice which stands second richest in medicinal value. It has a strong flavour and is successfully used to remove the fishy smell in fish curries. It also has a bit of pungent touch in its aroma, and it lends the beautiful golden yellow colour to all the dishes.