Mobile Wood-Fired Pizzas - The True Gastronomic Sensation

The word 'Pizza' has become an international sensation. Foodies, when they see a cheese-filled slice of delicious pizza, couldn't resist their urge to smack their lip and bite a slice that is fresh, hot and delicious guaranteed.

Pizza has become one of Australia's most popular takeaway foods and probably the safest option if you're looking to serve food that everybody will enjoy. If you are not looking for a structured sit-down dinner centred on speeches or formal procedures, pizza catering in Sydney is a great option.

Pizza is also a simple solution for food intolerance at no compromise to the delicious taste and a perfect fit for people who opt for gluten-free.

Hiring a mobile pizza catering in Sydney provides an opportunity for your guests to mingle if they are in a queue or leaving their table to retrieve food. Mobile pizza catering offers a very cost effective means to cater for a large group in an interesting way compared to sit-down meals.

Wood Fired Pizza Catering

In the recent times, wood fired pizzas have become popular and people are gladly embracing the idea of wood fired pizza to cater all their corporate and wedding events. Here we have listed the reasons why wood fired pizza has turned into a true sensation for catering all your personal as well as corporate events.

Quick and Tasty

Wood-fired pizzas are made into thin crust and considered to be tastier alternatives to the thick-crusted ones. Unlike conventional oven, do not require any pre-heating and can reach temperatures as high as 700 degrees in a short time span. Hence, wood-fired pizzas can be made quickly and hosting a high number of guests becomes easier.

Suits the Tastes of All Types of Guests

Wood fired pizzas come in a whole range of pizza varieties that can satisfy the taste buds of all. These pizzas can also be easily customised to meet the dietary requirements of guests. For example, if your guests have certain allergies, the wood-fired pizzas can be made to perfection without including that specific food element.

Affordable Option

Several Sydney-based pizza catering services offer customised packages based on the number of guests, type of event and the budget allowed. This service enhances the overall feel of the event and the price you pay for the sophistication is indeed justifiable.

A Healthier Alternative

Compared to the most contemporary main courses, mobile wood-fired pizza is considered to be the healthiest alternative since they are loaded with different types of vegetables. Moreover, the wood-fired oven cooks the dough in the shortest possible time and allows the vegetable to retain their nutritional value intact.

Mobile woodfired pizza in Sydney is suitable for both the young and the old and can be savoured without any potential health risks.