Amazingly Popular Food Trends in Islamabad

Islamabad is the home to federal capital residents of Pakistan, who enjoy much greener environment, much better facilities and much civilised road networks than many other parts of the country. However, the cost that people pay for the royalties associated with the Dine in Islamabad is far greater than other cities of Pakistan. From traditional food festivals to fashionable new eateries, from small scale Dhabas to large scale fine dining, from authentic Oriental to pure Desi, the entire city's food scene has undergone an incredible positive swell. Following represents Popular Food Trends in Islamabad as of 2017 which are definitely to stay for long.

1. Less Street Food; More Formal Dine

With growing socio-economic stratum, the city is on rising trend from wholesome, fulfilling and affordable 'street food' towards upscale restaurants offering 'formal dine' with their entire appealing patrons of the Famous Cuisines in Islamabad. There was a real massive crackdown to substandard food in the year 2015, where restaurateurs were well reminded of citizens right to expect the best food quality while dining out. This has supported rising growth to formal dine in places all across the city; for instance; The Monal, Khiva, The Lime Tree, Khaas Gallery Cafe, Rakaposhi, Majilis and many more - competing positive on every bit of quality and differentiation with there peers.

2. Culinary Gimmickry; The Fancy Food Trend

Islamabad's restaurant food trends has recently shaken up the ordinary local dining scene with a vivid spate of exciting and innovative new diners as well as hip bars. Many worthwhile additions are on the move to the city's burgeoning culinary arena; specifically specialising into international cuisine. This culinary gimmickry is undoubtably catering to the numerous diplomats vastly employed in the city as well as round the clock adventurous foodies. The Tapas Restaurant at Mangla Road, Toosoo at F-10 Markaz and Sam's Grill at Safa Mall of Islamabad are just some of the culinary big shots.

3. The Strengthening Chai, Paratha & Naan Stops Trend

Speaking of food trends, the 'Chai' trend has amazingly became particularly very strong in Islamabad, as in parallel did Parathas and the 'Naan stops'. While it has its flourished upscale cafes and formal fine-dining options; the simple food restaurants of the city heartily went in truck art based colourful Dhaba direction this year; like ChaayeKhana, Paratha Party and MaantuGul Kitchen Offering sweet and potato paratha with strong tasting tea are still rocking on the ground.

4. From Big To Small; Heath & Hygiene In All

Since 2015, the city government has been on its huge toll of attending big focus to health and hygiene. This food related reviving trend led many famous hangout places became spontaneously infamous; and infamous bakeries became big notorious. Omer Khayaam and Gol Market are the notable names which rose up as a resultant. Besides hygiene, trend towards healthy choices also strengthened in the recent years. This paved way to leading popularities like Go Organic, Nandos and Table Talk at Islamabad.