What to Serve in Dinner For Your Vegetarian Guest

Indian, especially north Indian cuisine is famous for their spicy treat and tangy aroma. Rest of world praises us for our delicacies which we offer for main courses, like dinner and lunch. The colour, the flavour or the taste, in every aspect, Indian north Indian cuisine is unbeatable. But when we say north Indian cuisine, the dishes comes instantly to our mind are mostly non vegetarian.

There are plenty of vegetarian dishes available in north India which are as tasty (sometimes tastier) and as much colourful as the non vegetarian dishes. So let us discuss how we can treat our vegetarian friends for dinner.

A very famous and simple dish is palak paneer. It needs a few ingredients like fresh cottage cheese or paneer, garlic, ginger, red chilli, onion and a mix of spices including cumin, clove, coriander and turmeric. Finding these spices in their purest form may not be that easy, so take help of readymade masala mix. A very famous company which provides readymade masala mix is MTR Masalas. They offer a variety of readymade mix of spices which saves your time and energy, yet lends the required flavour and colour to the dish.

Dal makhni can be another great option which is served with plain rice or Indian nun. A very thick lentil soup cooked with cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves and clove, along with turmeric, chilli and salt for seasoning. Now it is again a difficult task to find all these spices, and mix them in right proportion, so there is Rasoi Magic Masalas Dal Makhni blend. You can avail this spice from any nearby grocery store, or buy online, and get ready to be applauded by your guests over dinner.

Chick peas or chana, as popularly called in North India, can be another great option for dinner. This dish is not regal and exotic in character like the previous two dishes, but it is a fun food, yummy and filing. It has a kind of tangy oriental flavour to it. This dish also surpasses the earlier two dishes in terms of being healthy. To make it, you need chickpeas, a paste of tomato, garlic, ginger, bay leaves and red chilli. Now again, if you are not sure of putting which ingredient in what quantity, use chana masala from the range of Rasoi Magic Masalas. It is a readymade mix of required spices to give chana masala the perfect flavour.

Now as there has been enough discussion on main course dishes, we can shift our gaze to sweet dishes as well. Gulab Jamun, a very popular north Indian sweet can be made at home now, with the help of Gulab Jamun mix from readymade mix set of MTR Masalas range. Ball of cottage cheese and kheer sits in sugary syrup mixed with rosewater. The readymade mix of the packet is used for one single serving.