Mouth-watering Chennai Food

Vegetarian food is suddenly the pick of the hour in the west especially in the greater Toronto area (GTA).This sudden rage for vegetarian food can be contributed to food lovers becoming more conscious about their health and therefore, the change in the choice of food. This shift in taste has contributed in the mushrooming of different vegetarian restaurant hubs across Toronto and GTA. Foodies are experimenting and challenging their taste buds with different types of vegetarian cuisines and dishes. As Indian food has lot of variety to offer in the vegetarian food category, be it Punjabi cuisine, Andhra cuisine or Chennai food, more and more are flocking to Indian restaurant.

Chennai Food

Let's today discuss in depth about Chennai food. Chennai is the cosmopolitan capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is often crowned as the vegetarian dining capital of South Indian food. Yes, vegetarians are served a platter of sheer deliciousness and a burst of flavors, in form of moth licking vegetarian food of Chennai.

The vegetarian food served in Chennai food is basically the cuisine of the orthodox Tamil Brahmin community and therefore, is completely meat free. Though the food is simple to cook and cooked with simpler ingredients, the taste is something that food lovers just fall in love with. Tamil food is characterized by the strong aroma of curry leaves, chilies and coconut. The food is highly filling, easy on the digestive system and delicious to taste.

Must have dishes from Chennai

Tamil breakfast mostly serves the modest idli - a steamed and spongy rice cake, dunk in tasty lentil broth popularly known as sambar or famous coconut chutney. Dosas - a pungent South Indian dish also enjoyed during breakfast, are basically rice flour crepes also eaten with sambar and coconut chutney. Dosas are available in a variety of flavors according to the ingredients used for stuffing the crepes. However the one with spicy masala potato stuffing is famously known as Masala Dosa and is eaten all round the day.

Made with the same dosa batter but thicker in structure with generous garnishing of green chilies, coriander, tomato and chilies is the mouth-licking uttapams. This is also available in different varieties according to the ingredients used for garnishing. Another dish that will get one booked and is adore by all south Indian food lovers is the deep fried, doughnut like lentil (dal) vadas for snacking. Again, there is the plain dry sada vada and the wet in sambar, rava vada. Then there is the filter South Indian coffee that is a must have in any South Indian Restaurant. The pure and rejuvenating taste of filter coffee made of sugar, milk and chicory can clear heads and gears one up instantly.

South Indian Thali

A Chennai meal consists of sambar, chutneys, spicy gravies, a tamarind flavored broth called rasam, one or two vegetable dish and curd along with rice and bread. This is traditionally served on banana leaf. The meal is packed with rich flavors and is high on spices.