The High Element Aesthetic of Cajon Instrument

Music is another form of beautiful literature that has a tone and is able to influence the mood of the listener. The ancient Assyrian nation used to have a prehistoric relics that have carved images of musicians who hold harp and other musical instruments. Once prehistoric humans created music and hummed by stomping their feet, clapping and hitting an object that made a sound. One of Percussion hand comes from the Latin term percussio (hit) and percussus (punch). it is musical instruments that produce sounds like beating, rocking or other things that make objects sounds, such as Cajon, Djembe, Boungaribou, and others.

The instrument Cajon was created because there is a ban for certain groups of people to play instruments from the colonial times. African nations made alternative musical instruments replacing drums made from scrap woods in those days called "Cajon". This musical instrument is perfectly combined with acoustic music. Played casually so as to create a very comfortable harmony. Cajon is very efficient because it is easy to carry anywhere. The shape is like a square box made of wood like mahogany, teak and maple wood in which there are strings. In general, Cajon serves as a drum replacement. Simple and very practical style.

The shape of this acoustic drum is a square box made of certain wood materials such as mahogany, plywood, teak or maple wood in which is embedded a snar (wire). In addition to wood-based lately, there is also Cajon made from fiber. Everyone can play this instrument and the way is very simple. You just use your hands to play Cajon. The sounds of Tone, Slap, Bas, and Tap combined to create a good music. There is a basic technique that you should know is to choose a strong left or right hand is used to hit the bass on this instrument because this section will determine the tempo and rhythm of a music.

Here's how to create some sounds on Cajon:

a. Tone

You can hit the top of Cajon with your palms open.

b. Bass

Hit the upper third/center by using the entire surface of the palm.

c. Tap

You must hit the top of this instrument with your fingertips

d. Slap

Hit the side like touching the fingertips on this instrument.

All of that is a very simple way, you can learn regularly or can watch video tutorials playing Cajon instrument. Of course, it will be very exciting and able to relieve stress or problems in your life, because one to make life happy is to play the instrument and enjoy it.

This instrument has a high aesthetic value. There are several elements that make this instrument has aesthetic value including:

1. The Beauty of Tempo and Dynamic Elements

Dynamics and Tempo are loud & soft, fast & slow music when played. This element is able to make music come alive and interesting.

2. The Beauty of Melodic Elements

The melody is the composition of the tone (the sound with regular vibration), melody has a relationship with the rhythm that helps the formation of harmony in the beauty of the melody of the song.

3. The Beauty of Harmony Elements

Harmony is a combination of two or more tones, which are sounded simultaneously. The musical element comes from the incorporation of vertical conceptual notes.

All of these elements build aesthetic value that has artistic art. Able to bring people closer to the beauty of music. Creating a beauty, togetherness, and peace in music. Everything can be realized if you have this instrument. We are a trusted "Drum Factory" and have many of the best hand percussion instruments. Bali Treasures has been in existence since 1998, made with legal materials and of course high quality. Located on Jalan Raya Andong, Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar Bali. We also help the Indonesian government maintain sustainable forests for generations to come. Many national and international awards we can. We are looking forward to your coming to give you the best product.