Simple Way To Play Hand Percussion Instrument

Music was originally played only with human voices. Then came the aids in playing music which one of them is the hand percussion. It is a musical instrument that is played, by the way, beaten, rubbed, and rocked to produce sound. Music has an important influence on everyone. The world will be bored when there is no music, anyone can express a sense of fun, sadness, and anger when playing or when singing the music.

Hand Percussion is the oldest musical instrument, which serves as a sign that the war will take place. This very simple musical instrument can be played anywhere. There are many types of examples of hand percussion instruments such as Djembe, Cajon, Boungaribou, Dun dun, Tambourine, Digeridoos, Rain Stick and others. Percussion of the hand is divided into 2 types namely the type of idiofoni percussion that produces sound from vibrations derived from the entire instrument and percussion membrafoni percussion that produces sound when the membrane on the instrument is hit.

Here's a simple way to play hand percussion:

1. Have One Hand Percussion Instrument Tool

The first thing to start learning hand percussion, you must have and choose one of the hand percussion instruments you like.Before you buy it, you should ask a friend who knows about the instrument or you can see on the internet one of them at, which provides many good and quality hand percussion options.

2. You Must Know Many Percussion Music References

Listening to hand percussion music, attention to the video from hand gestures. Can be done every day and collect a lot of different types of music.

3. Exercise Routine and Consistent

Practice regularly and consistently. If you are exercising should concentrate and believe you can play it.

4. Pray

Do not forget to pray. Learning this instrument is done with great earnestness, praying helps you to be calm and peaceful while playing hand percussion instruments.

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