Dragon Image Online Equipment Store Find Here What You Need

The Dragon Image online equipment store is where you can find the widest assortment of photography devices from trusted and established brands. You need the right equipment if you want to capture the best shots and come up with the best video production. Online stores are more accessible and offer the latest collection of products while others deliver equipment hire or rental.

Dragon Image Online Equipment Store Collections

Video and photography equipment comes in a wide range of features and groups such as lighting devices that include Fresnel lighting, background and lighting kits, lighting kits, and fluorescent and LED video lighting.

The Dragon Image online Store also delivers the up-to-date selection of film and video devices such as cameras, wireless, gimbals, camera support, lenses and optics, and camera accessories. Audio products include headphones, microphones, digital audio recorders, and audio mixers, among others.

Dragon Image online store is the main source of high-quality and innovative videos, film, and audio devices from some of the trusted brands in the industry. Make a lucrative investment today and you can absolutely benefit from the results in your videos production. Contact your trusted online device store for equipment hire and rental as well. A wide range of authorized video suppliers and audio equipment dealers offer rental services with competitive pricing.

Audio Brands and Equipment Hire Tips

Choose audio brands and video equipment hire or rental if you need industry-grade camera and audio equipment with affordable rental fees. Take a look at some of the items you can rent for your next video production gig:

BMCC Kit Body

Hire the powerful camera with a 2.5k image sensor and touch screen LCD complete with the metadata entry features.

RODE Boom Pool

The high-grade boom pole is important audio equipment that you can rent for your location recording, made from first-grade aluminum materials and advanced features for the quality sound source.

Handheld DJI 4k OSMO

Get remarkable shots with the best videos equipment that guarantees motion without blur, with its advanced camera-flat technology.

Audio brands and video equipment hire options are practical yet offer the same quality results. Rent your videos and audio equipment at Dragon Image now for high-quality video production to highlight your passion and skill in this niche.