Upcoming Review - COD

This review mainly informs the online game play, and does not take into consideration the campaign. The campaign is rather fun, but will only take about 5 hours to complete. Keep in mind kiddies, this is actually a $60 video game which will certainly require more and more $$$$ to keep playing it online considering that they gradually roll out the maps that ought to have been included in the first place. Currently they are trying to sell you extra online experiences. Just picture the horse being led by a carrot on a stick and expect to continue forking out money to keep playing this game. One more thing to note regarding my review, is that it is based upon me owning and playing every one of the COD games ever produced. If you are new to this video game, and it's your first encounter with the Modern Warfare series, you might likely enjoy this video game greatly. So my 1 star review may not apply to the newcomer to this collection, and it could merit a much different rating.

If you are actually a huge fan of the COD series and want more and more of the exact same thing, you are in luck with this game. I'm certainly not stating that certainly there is anything wrong using this, only that this particular is exactly what the video game still is, and has been since day 1. The gamer will have the ability to take an average 5 to 20 steps (depending upon the tiny map) from the spawn point and instantly find a few fun action. It is actually a very extreme, "in your face" kind of game, that will keep you on your toes at all times. Certainly there isn't much for team effort using this video game and its more about stats, K/D ratios, and bragging rights. This game was designed for the runner and also gunner element, not much for team effort or even strategy. I presume this version is geared even more towards the younger generation. This is practically the exact same game as exactly what it has been actually for release right after release. These guys did make some extremely minor tweaks, however it is essentially the same game. In my opinion, this was actually the greatest costing map pack I have ever bought. This is great for some I suppose, but then again this evaluation is simply my opinion, not everybody's opinion. I imagine that there are lots of people who still enjoy this particular type of game immensely, so it is going to probably maintain a large following. This game is nevertheless fun, it's just not "new" as it was hyped up to be. Therefore if you want much more of the same old COD, then here it is along with a $60 price tag, and then some, as they roll out much more maps and also bait you to invest even more money.

I have enjoyed playing Black OPs during the past year I enjoyed MW2, and also greatly expected the release of MW3. I just like many people was wishing for a "new" video game with a few freshness after seeing the industrial and hearing all the hype. Right after picking up my pre-ordered copy of MW3, and a few hours of online game play, it ended up being very obvious to me that I was incredibly dissatisfied with my acquisition. I sat certainly there playing, just awaiting this "new" game to come alive after cycling with all of the tiny maps. It never performed and also I found myself extremely bored with it. I shook my head in disbelief as I recalled at myself filling in line for over 40 minutes to pick up this game. I smoothly got up, put the disk fall back into its case, and also put it up for sale or trade for a 2nd copy of BF3 for the wife. Thank goodness there was still a demand for this video game when I traded it therefore I didn't lose any money. I truly expected to keep both video games (BF3 and MW3) and also thought I would end up playing both. However certainly there simply is no comparison. I hesitate that my copy of MW3 would certainly have simply collected dust and lost value. Hence, my decisions to obtain rid of it therefore rapidly and certainly not add to the collection of old games that I no longer play that isn't worth everything to trade in. I nonetheless shake my head in disbelief when I recall at myself standing in line for this video game.