Arabian Heroes and The Game Help Tool

Pixelhunters recently released a new game made with Unity called "Arabian Heroes". Primarily with this game, we would like to provide entertainment in a Middle Eastern Style and save the world from the invasion of armies of bad crows, released by an evil sorcerer. Also we share with it how important is to have hopes in life. Whether there are difficulties - there are ways to build unity and peace in the world.

The game has four characters - Ahmed, Maryam, Amir and Lulu - also known as Arabian Heroes family. To start the game, the player will choose one character from the four main characters. The goal is to shoot the corrupted crows with a magical jelly made from dates. In order to find out which are the corrupted crows, our team created a help button which can be found in the 'Home' menu of game. This option will allow the player to distinguish different types of crows and symbols that will encounter throughout the game. Here are the symbols from Arabian Heroes game:

At every 10 levels, the action of the game moves to another environment and new types of crows will appear. The speed of the crows is also increasing with the levels.

Players will face challenges like weather conditions with different curses. The weather curses are the following:

In more than 2 months, Arabian Heroes game received nice reviews and feedbacks from the players. Hearing your positive remarks about the game gives delight to our team.

Life is indeed full of adventure - there are happy, joyful, pleasant and other kinds of memories. All these moments are worth to treasure and cherish in life. In a similar way, Arabian Heroes will bring each player to different adventurous environments - in a world where love, unity and hope reigns.

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Game video demo:

Arabian Heroes is completely free to play. Available in English and Arabic.

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