How Safe Is Online Rummy?

Card games are an absolute favourite way to pass time for many. More often than not, it's difficult to get hold of the actual card game, and then comes the added pain-point of finding people to play with. This has led people to enjoy playing online card games.

Rummy is a popular vote amongst card game enthusiasts. This is majorly because this game is interesting and challenging. Rummy requires the players to have a keen sense of observation, analytical reasoning and strategic thinking to be a consistent winner.

Along with being an interesting game, Rummy is also played for stakes, which adds to the fun factor and makes the game more compelling. When there is money involved, people often wonder if it is safe and legal to play online Rummy.

The Legality of Online Rummy

Rummy is recognised by the Supreme Court of India as a 'game of skill' which effectively precludes it from the purview of "gambling". Consequently, that makes online Rummy a completely legal and legitimate activity. The Indian Constitution gives each of us the right to do business as long as the business is not an illegitimate or illegal business. By recognising Rummy as a game of skill, the Supreme Court reinforced the right to operate online Rummy platforms as a business protected under Article 19 (1) (g) of the Indian Constitution.

Having said this, Assam, Telangana and Orissa have passed specific local laws that do not permit even skill-based games to be played for stakes.

Random Number Generator

Often people have the misconception that playing online can be unfair as the moves are repeated or rigged. However, online Rummy involves shuffling and distribution of cards via an audited and globally verified software solution which is entirely automated and not controlled by the online Rummy platforms. This evaluates the card shuffling to enhance unpredictability, non-repeatability and uniform distribution which negates the chance for cheating. Therefore, every player gets a fair deal to play. Having said this, the absence of any human intervention makes online Rummy far more reliable than its traditional counterpart.

Secure Payment Options

Contrary to common perception, online Rummy portals provide safe and secure payment options for players to make deposits. Players have the option to use either a debit or credit card for online fund transfers. Rummy portals are equipped with the SSL certificate which provides secure payment and login features.

Smooth Withdrawals

Reputed online Rummy portals provide a hassle-free withdrawal system to facilitate a smooth-playing experience for the players. Withdrawals are an important aspect of playing the online game, which provides an easy way to withdraw cash for the players. Facilitating this provides the players with a trust factor for the online Rummy game.

If you are amongst those who want to try their hand at online Rummy, but are hesitant at the same time, be rest assured, playing this game online is not only safe but a great deal of fun!

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