Problems in Chinese E-sports Developing

As it well known that Chinese E-sport is not the top rank. To any problems we need to figure out the causes first. Here are the four reasons I consider may cause this current situation.

1.Lack support from the Government

The Korea Government sets up a series of supporting laws and regulations to support the development of E-sports. For example, they stipulate that professional players could attend basic military training for weeks in order to get rid of the obligation of serving the army. 8 departments constitute the WCG committee, including Executive Committee, the Korean President Ro MooHyun, Minister of Tourism and Culture ChangDong Lee and Deputy Director and CEO of Samsung. This constitution shows how much importance the Korea Government attach to WCG.

In China, although General Administration of Sport have been recognized as a sport project officially conducted by the country. Some official organizations have been established and competitions have been conducted after that, but all these have limited impacts on the development of E-sports. The Chinese government fails to lead a high specification, high level and lasting competitions. At present, some famous competitions like ACE and STAR-WAR DOTA all hosted by private enterprises. Besides, the government also fails to provide some related supportive laws and regulations. Under the current background of immature market, it's hard for sports projects to grow without the support of the government.

2.Low income and social status

To E-sports players, the most serious problems are basic living and social status. Basic living problem is the most important because it's definitely impossible for a professional player to pursue more achievements without enough motivation. But the misunderstandings from the public makes them suffer from discrimination. Both factors are harmful for E-sports to attract talents.

In China, only few top professional players could earn respectable income, but others could not enjoy such fortune. In a market economy society, it's hard to attract people for a low-income career.

3.Slow development of conducting E-sports projects

Chinese E-sports circle is narrow-minded for paying little attention to the development of world electronic competition projects. They tend to seek after wild spread projects with advantages and ignore new projects. In this case, it's hard to conduct new projects among amateurs for they always take professional players as example. So when it comes new project, there are always fixed professional players to attend. All these factors cause Chinese E-sports can come from behind instead of leading all the time.

4.Imperfect election system

Currently, Chinese electronic career election system is imperfect which causes few talents can be found. Players need a justice and professional platform for them to show their talents and ability. Because lacking of sound election system, professional clubs usually try to get top players by getting them from other clubs.

I hope E-sports will have a bright future when all problems solved, and I believe it will has a sound path for further improvement with the leading of the government and the society.