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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage the emotion of oneself and others and maintain productivity under pressure. Industry experts revealed that individuals who are emotionally intelligent are star-performers in their organization and are always regarded by their bosses, co-workers, and clients. Individuals with emotional intelligence skills have the ability to respond smartly to the world around them and eliminate the stress that often brews when working with others. It is recommended as one of the best performance tools by many industry experts.

It is often seen that despite having impeccable technical and interpersonal skills cannot manage everything when putting under pressure, and lose control over their emotion. From managers to individuals who want to increase their performance and learn to manage their emotion under pressure there is a training program that enhances emotional intelligence. The Emotional Intelligence Training workshop is designed to give the insight of brain science of emotions and train the participants to increase self-awareness.

On joining Emotional Intelligence workshop participants will learn to:

The two-day training program is the first step towards mega-productivity and escalated communication skill. Enroll in the program and start reaping its rewards tomorrow.

First Day

On the first day of the workshop participants are taught about:

Second Day

While proceeding the session on the second day of the training, participants:

In a survey, where hiring managers and HR professionals from different organizations participated, 75% confessed they promote highly emotionally intelligent employees and 71% stated they value their employee's emotional quotient over their IQ. It is observed that person, who is emotionally intelligent is more adaptive to change, has held over his emotions and is able to work with the multi-cultural workforce . (Credible)

Features of the Program

The program is an amalgamation of the following features:

• Easy Reporting: Candidates could easily access and download their score and take-on e-learning as it doesn't expire

Benefits of the Workshop

Handle Pressure Efficiently

People who are emotionally intelligent know about the brain science of emotion and know how to manage their stress level. Their strong support system and learning aptitude help them to perform efficiently under tough circumstances. The training workshop helps individuals to improve their emotional quotient and learn to manage the increasing rate of changes in the workplace.

Learn to Listen

In order to develop a strong relationship in the workplace, it is important for the participants to lend their ear to others. Listen and understand what others are saying. Examine precisely and provide an effective solution to their concern. An emotionally intelligent person give priority to others emotions keeping his own aside.

Become Empathetic

An emotionally sound person looks forward to building trust and cohesiveness as they understand the importance of bonding and social awareness. This practice accelerates teamwork and members of the team collaborate to achieve the result and stop wasting time in workplace conflict. The workshop trains the individual to use his sensitivity as a lubricant to help their team members work together smoothly.

Be a Trendsetter

An EI workshop develops individual's EI skills and trains them to easily get along with people in the workplace in comparison to others. Participants practice to respond to the world appropriately and trained to reduce workplace stress and frustration. An emotionally intelligent person engages himself in influencing and inspiring others and strives to connect with people in a more meaningful way.

In a thirst to achieve maximal productivity, you have to perform efficiently to get the best results. Also, it is important that the people who work for you should be in the optimal state of mind. You hold the power to evict them from their zone of optimal performance by handling your own interactions with them. It's your responsibility to influence and inspire others so that they can perform to the best of their potential.

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