10 Ways in Which Sailing Can Improve Your Mental And Physical Health

It doesn't matter if you're sailing for sport, or you simply want a new challenge or hobby to occupy yourself with; there are few activities that work you both physically and mentally. In fact, sailing has a number of health benefits that may encourage you to go ahead and start those lessons that you've been talking about for ages!

In this article we are going to explore Ten of those major health benefits. Read on and see how this wonderful sport / hobby can improve your life in more than one way.

1 - Mental Well-Being

Starting off with one of the most important of all: it's not just sailing but being in tune with nature in general. Though what better a way to experience that then being out on the water, adapting and responding to Mother Nature's ever-changing mood.

Then of course there is the salt in the air; these charged irons improve your body's overall oxygen absorption, balancing your serotonin levels, thus rendering you in a rather lovely mood! That and the fact that you're out and about doing your favourite thing - being active is invaluable when it comes to feeling good about oneself.

2 - Strength and Endurance

Sailing is particularly good for working your shoulders and back, particularly if you consider how much there is to do in the way of pulling and hoisting. Even taking the helm requires a great deal of effort. As time goes on your body will become naturally hardened and more prepared to deal with these activities.

3 - Improved Agility

Particularly as you progress to a more experienced sailor with more responsibility on the yacht, you'll naturally become more flexible and agile. Things like tying knots and pulling lines also improves your hand eye coordination. So much so in fact, you just as well sail on down to Ninja school and enrol - Ninja Pirates are the future.

4 - Great for Cardio

You'll agree when I say that sailing is a lot more fun than simply going for a run around the block. Sailing is great for your cardiovascular fitness and contributes significantly to reducing heart related illnesses. These intense activities get your blood pumping and the oxygen flowing.

5 - Concentrate!

This is incredibly important, particularly for younger people who appear to be more focused on one thing at a time (their phones). There are a lot of moving parts when sailing and there's no finer way to improve your concentration levels than having to focus on multiple tasks.

6 - Reduced Stress Levels

Now, in the awfully rare and unlikely chance that you happen to sail your boat into another, bigger boat; or worse still - the eye of a storm; sailing will become rather stressful. That being said; the rest of the time it is actually rather relaxing. The majesty of natures blue bounty, and the rhythmic dancing of the yacht as it moves with the water soothes the mind. If you've a hectic work life, then sailing could definitely be for you.

7 - Communicate Better

It's very hard to sail about on your own. In fact, Captain Jack Sparrow is likely one of few who are able to pull it off. Everyone else must work as a team; this means communicating properly. You each have your part to play and this goes beyond barking orders at one another, but relaying information back both verbally and non-verbally too.

8 - Spatial Awareness

True, some yachts are bigger than others, though you'll still need to have a keen awareness of the space around you, given that there is a limited amount of dry space in comparison to wetness. As sailors we want to avoid the wetness as often as possible - this will naturally improve your spatial awareness and depth perception.

9 - Organisation

Something we could probably all do with more of! When running and maintaining a ship, things need to be kept in check. This means that you will need to be well-organised and ensure that you have enough supplies, and everything is where it needs to be. Obviously if you're disinterested or unorganised, that's when mistakes happen, and people get hurt.

Don't let that put you off though! The benefits of organising and running a yacht transfer into every day life rather well. You'll notice your life improve in many ways, as you begin to adopt healthier habits.

10 - Glorious Tan

OK, so perhaps this isn't a major health benefit, but it certainly helps to get a healthy dose of vitamin C. Of course, make sure your have a hat and plenty of sunscreen so as not to over do it! Just be safe and take precautions, but most importantly enjoy that gorgeous tan!