Missed Call Alert - An Effective Method of Communication

Missed call alert service has become an effectual method of communication and it is an easy way to keep customers updated. The additional reason why the missed call service is extremely popular in our India is because it costs nothing for the caller. Additionally, it is more consistent than the inbound marketing services like email and bulk SMS service. The well-calculated missed call service for marketing can connect customers by a high rate. What one can do by giving a missed call?

Get Cash on Delivery Confirmation:- Earlier the companies used to invest much money because of failed orders and return application from the customers but now the companies are using Missed Call Services in Kolkata for the cash on delivery confirmation. They send the customers a SMS with a number to give missed call for confirmation before they deliver the product.

Campaigns for Votes:- SMS voting is replaced by missed call voting service simply because it is free.The people don't need to expend single money on it. The missed call number is assigned to the candidate and the calls will log against the name and it will be considered as an official vote.

Choose the Service Option:- To make sure the company is not spamming the customers with unwanted information one can enable opt-out service of getting marketing messages by giving missed call.

Banking Service:- The banks permit the customers to register online banking and also check the bank balance or receive a mini statement on phones by giving missed call to the bank's number. The balance enquiry comes via text message.

App Downloading on Mobile:- Some missed call service help one to download the apps offline. The app will get more download as it is convenient for user to give missed call than searching the URL.

Generating Business Lead:- If someone is not able to receive a call from the customer because he/she is engaged at the time doesn't give a good impact on the customers and business can also lose quality leads. With a missed call service alert the customer can get required information which will be saved so he or she can revert to the customers easily. The special missed call numbers are provided by the carrier and when customer gives missed call the required details can be sent via SMS in response to the customer.

The Missed Call service is very useful in the world of IT innovations. This along with Transactional SMS in Kolkata allows brands to connect with the customers, increase revenue and enlarge reach in a money-making way.

How a Business can Get this Service?

The Business has to choose and obtain a special number from the list of Missed Call number pool. Then they can circulate the number with marketing so that the customer can reach the business via missed call.

What are the Benefits of this service?

Effectual Messaging:- The business can reach you're the customers across area in native language.

Bigger Reach:- The customer can be contacted on their mobile. Customer will give missed call with no expense.

The Cost is Reduced:- This is an automate business process and it reduces costs considerably.

The Responses are Increased:- The service gives more revenue because of increased interest level.

Where this is Arranged:- Lead generation is used for Internet marketing for describing the creation of customer interest into products and services of the business. There are numerous planned methods for making leads. The business can improve the sales efficiency with this service.

Verification of Mobile Number:- When the user registers at the website, he or she is asked to place a missed call on the registered number to get an auto-generated message which contains a security code. After entering the code the Mobile number gets stored in the database. Then the customer executives call them back to know his their requirements and concerns.

For SMS Services:- If a user wants information about a service and product he can just give a missed call to the registered number get regular update about the services.