The Body Posture Tips That Will Help You In Any Interview

Body language plays a much greater role than we actually care to understand. When you are plunging into the world of the profession and trying your luck at the interviews, then you need to understand the aspect of body language to have a better chance at landing a good job. When you are sitting in front of an interviewer, then it is essential that you showcase a strong and confident image of yourself. However, balancing the act when you are bombarded with questions isn't as easy as it sounds. That is why we are here to help you with the valuable tips that will help you to be in a better position.

Sit all the way

Do not slouch or slide down in your chair. Make sure that you have a posture where your back is straight against the chair. This is a sign that automatically conveys confidence and assurance. If you are someone who likes to slouch then imagine a string is pulling up from your neck and keep your posture straight.

Hand gestures

There are some who thinks using hand gestures are an animated way of speaking. Are you one of them? Then forget about that notion of yours on the day of your interview. Make sure while explaining something you use hand gestures. They also save you from the embarrassing thought of what to do with your hands when you are speaking.

Show your palms

Why? Of course, this is the first question that will come to your mind. Why do you need to show your palm during an interview? Well, according to the body gesture experts, showing your palm signifies engagement and honesty. Also, it helps the interviewer in being much more comfortable. Thus, creating a win-win situation for both the interview and the interviewer. Also, not to forget that the open palms make you look more energetic.

Feet on ground

Keep your feet on the ground. Well, not only it makes your posture good and gives an air of confidence but there is also a scientific reason behind the same. What? Well, it is researched that when your feet are on the ground then your ability to comprehend and answer difficult questions increases. In other words, it can easily help you in shuffling between highly rational thoughts and creative thoughts.

Walk the walk

Before you actually talk to make an impression, you will also be judged on the posture you are taking while walking inside the room. Make sure that you elongate your neck while keeping your head high. At the same time look towards the interviewer/s along with occasional eye contacts.


While you are listening, make it a habit of nodding your head. These are some of the body postures skills you need to develop during the interview. For others, you can also opt for Personality Development Course Online.