Why Go For Hobby Classes When You Can Teach Kids to Collect Stamps of India?

Hobby-classes are getting trendier by the day. More and more parents want their kids to learn a new hobby quickly so that they can pick up a new skill or utilise their free time more wisely. Some are even engaging their kids into multiple hobby classes at the same time. The most popular of them are skating, drawing, swimming, dance, music, etc. The rise in this trend could be because parents are not getting quality time to spend with their kids. Urban families are nuclear in size. Both parents are working in many cases. Also, many couples opt to have a single child these days due to the increasing expenses. What would a kid do when he or she is back from school and their parents have not yet home? Keeping them engaged in hobby classes looks like a better option where someone would be there to keep an eye on your kids. Moreover, they would also learn something new! The problem with these kinds of hobby-classes is that they can be very expensive at times. The charges mostly depend a lot on your locality. If you are living in a posh locality then there are high chances that these hobby classes might cost you a bomb! If you are looking for some other interesting options for hobbies then you should definitely consider stamp collecting. In fact, there can be nothing like making your kids aware about our great nation through the study of stamps of India. And the best part is that you won't have to spend much when it comes to collecting Indian stamps.

Introducing Kids to Stamps of India

Yes, it is true that the age of writing letters has gone by. The only major way you can buy new stamps in India is by purchasing them from the post office. You can also join other online communities of people who are interested in collecting rare stamps of India. This way, you might find people who want to sell some of their stamps at a nominal rate. Get these stamps home and show them to your kids. They will be surely excited to look at colourful stamps of India that are based on different themes. It is now your duty to give them a small introduction about the image that is depicted on these stamps of India. Children are more curious by nature. They would definitely want to know more about rare Indian stamps and their significance. You could then ask them to read about the event or personality depicted on these stamps of India. Many of these topics might be covered in text books as well. This way, you are ensuring that kids are not only having fun but are also gaining knowledge over a period of time. Children who are too bored to open their text books might now be excited to research about Indian stamps and the imagery shown on them by reading school books.

Other benefits

There are several other benefits of collecting old Indian stamps. The hobby inculcates the value of discipline and responsibility in children. They would want to take good care of their collection of interesting and rare stamps of India on their own. The hobby also improves communication levels. They would make new friends and interact with other fellow collectors to build their own collection. They will also learn to set goals and have certain ambitions on how to improve or grow their collection of old Indian stamps. The hobby also has a positive effect on concentration and patience levels in children.

With so many plus points, there is no reason why you shouldn't introduce your kids to the hobby of collecting stamps of India.