Rice And Wheat Powder Products

Now a days the food quality is a major issue for all health related problems. Most of todays people go to hotels for their daily food needs. No one gets much time for cooking and all. The manjor fact is that most of the hotels serves low quality foods to their customer.

We, NELLARA group provides quality food and other food products like rice powder products, kerala pickle, coconut oil, fruit jam, what powder, wheat puttu, curry powder, curry masala, seed and pulses to the customer. Our motto is too the quality foods for the customer then after the money and vision is To deliver quality products to the customers at the right value. Also We are here to bring you best of recipes which will ease your efforts of preparing your favorite dishes in just few minutes.

In every dish needs a perfectly powdered rice for its perfectness. We Indians cant image a single day without rice delicacy. We provides the best quality rice powder products to our customers. A meal is completed with the tasty flavor of spices known as Curry Masala. But one thing you should remember that it should be organic and meets the quality. Coconut oil, Wheat powder, Wheat puttu are also the favorite dishes of Indians especially Malayalees.

Nellara Food Products, made by a family possessed organization of India's Kerala State, this great Curry powder, Rice powder, Rice, Pickles and Wheat powder have a brilliantly fragile home made taste. Prodded on by Kerala's interest with curry making, Nellara built up these extraordinary line of relishes and nourishment items. Nellara's entire range is handled and pressed in Dubai to give you more freshness and timeframe of realistic usability.

It is the primary brand prepared and advertised in Middle East nations with credible Kerala mix. Nellara exhibit before you a line of lively, crisp tasting fixings in cool and in vogue packs. Nellara additionally bring you worldwide quality Pickles, Rice, fine powdered rice and wheat powder. Organization is exceptionally quick to obtain top notch rice and wheat from the best fields of India and process it with particular Kerala style.