Seven Cooking Tips For Indian Food Recipes For College Girls

Kitchen experiments are great, but what is it that you don't know about the cooking tips? This is the problem with every second college going girl. Here we will discuss some Indian cooking tips that promise to save the headache of college going girls in kitchen.

Indian food cuisines are famous for their nutrition, taste and complexity of using the number of spices. Learning the basics of cooking makes it easier to cook complex dishes of Indian cuisine. Once you learn them, you will master the art of Indian cooking.

Given below are the beginner's tips for cooking Indian food recipes. Some of these tips you may have heard before but you will definitely learn a few new things.

1. Befriend a pressure cooker: Indian cuisine is comprised of dal and rice, and pressure cooker is an absolute bliss for quick cooking. It reduces cooking time and allows you to cook multiple ingredients for multiple dishes at the same time. Pressure cooker is great to cook Indian food recipes.

2. Plan and prepare: Mentally plan for the food you are cooking. It is important to do some preparations before cooking food like cutting the vegetables, collecting the spices etc. Ingredients that are common to the recipes such as onions, ginger, coriander, garlic, lime etc. all can be kept handy. Make sure you have right spices in hand like turmeric powder, garam masala, ground cardamom, whole cumin seeds, bay leaves, cumin powder etc. Learning about various spices and cooking is a must.

3. Pick some recipes and start experimenting: As you cook Indian food recipes more often, you will get familiar with the spices and process of using them to combine for a delicious meal. Cook recipes in small quantities for great taste and flavor. That's way if you prepare well, the wastage will be less. Try easy recipes like dal-rice, khichdi, raita etc.

4. Chopping: Do not worry about chopping vegetables like cooks or master chefs. It takes years of practice. No need of perfection from the start. Just do it the way you can.

5. Cook with confidence: Indian food cooking goes well with confidence. If you get to understand the basics of cooking Indian food, then cooking can be a breeze. No special pots and pans are needed for cooking. Use a basic kadhai and pressure cooker or a non-stick pan.

6. Use fresh vegetables and spices: Always try to use fresh vegetables and spices rather than the stored ones. If you buy packets of spices in bulk then their aroma will be lost whenever you will open up the packet. Store them in air-tight containers always. Fresher the spices, better is the dish.

7. Use a simple onion-tomato base for all meals: A simple onion-tomato base with a few spices is best for preparing Indian cuisine food curries.

Apart from this, follow the instructions given by your chef or mother carefully. Patience, practice and intuition will help you cook Indian food in a perfect way.