Anxiety - The Dark Truth Of Modern America

You want to spend your whole life happy and satisfied, just like many others. But on the contrary you face stress, anxiety, depression and a lot more. Are you also clueless why it is happening to you? Are you still thinking? This post is definitely a must read for you.

There are so many individuals who are perceived to be successful and happy by the society but unfortunately they are not. These poor beings suffer for feeling really happy from inside. Is it somewhat close to your situation? Thank God you have landed up on the right page at the right time. It is never too late to improve your situation and recover to the normal state once you realize that there is something wrong.

You will be surprised to know that over 15 million adults are currently affected by stress and anxiety disorder. It covers almost 7 percent of American population. It is not typical of any gender and is equally common among the two genders. Anxiety can hit a young boy or girl of 12-13 years of age. These all statistics are quite alarming to keep yourself out of it.


When they say stress is serious, it is important to understand that there lies a thin line between positive and negative stress. While stress at some level keeps you on toes to perform and excel in life. It acts as a driving factor but when it goes beyond the permissible limits it starts affecting your mental health, your performance and your physical conditions too.

It is very crucial to be aware about something as ignorance is the root cause to many serious problems. When you say you are anxious it may have two meanings. Anxious can mean that you are extremely eager. For example she was anxious to see me today. The second meaning is much more serious and it means you are worried about the results and it is actually anxiety. Most of the people experience it some or other time.

This situation grows serious when the incidences become common in your life and they become part of your day-to-day life.

Be good to your family and friends as well. Talk about stress and anxiety disorder to them openly. It will be the best thing to do for self and others too.


One may confuse his condition with something very normal like digestion problem. This is why the common anxiety signs have been listed for your ready reference. If you happen to encounter any of them pay attention to your mental well-being. One should be always keen to go for official diagnosis still the below given symptoms should never be overlooked:

Other symptoms that need immediate medical attention include panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and hypochondria.

United States have more number of patients of stress and anxiety more than any other mental illness. The heart breaking fact is that only one third of the population suffering through anxiety seeks medical treatment. How to stop an anxiety attack can be best explained and taken care by qualified medical professionals.