Ergonomics - Take Care of The Backbone of Your Business

Do you know what gets me? Is when you work in an office and you're forced to sit on some old, creaky, ripped up chair which barely supports your bottom; let alone your neck, shoulders and back. Meanwhile your manager sits in their corner office, swivelling around on some large, lavish, leather chair, feeling particularly good about life.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that it is a manager's right to have a fancy chair, particularly if they've grown the business from the ground up. But does that mean that all of their staff should have to sit on ancient and uncomfortable chairs for more than 6 hours a day? Do you know how much damage that can do to a person's health, let alone their morale?

In this article we are going to explore some of the major health benefits from using ergonomic office furniture and how if you're not already implementing them; then now is the time to begin.

So, what does ergonomic mean? Ergonomics is the study of health, safety and efficiency in a person's working environment. In this case, the office - and if you ask me; I believe ergonomic office furniture should be a basic human right, not just an option that managers have the right to refuse, should they value saving money over their employee's health and safety.

So, what are the health benefits? Let's begin.

1 - Better Support for Your Posture

Not only is having the correct posture better for your overall spinal health, but you can also lose from 1-3" in height due to poor posture. Granted this generally affects us as we get older, though there is much we can do today that will ultimately benefit us in the future.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your spine, thus helping your posture. That and the adjustable height of ideal office chairs can allow you to sit with your knees at a 90-degree angle and your feet placed firm and flat on the floor.

2 - Comfort Comes First

Ergonomic chairs are not only built for support, but for comfort as well. Sitting comfortably is essential when it comes to boosting productivity and overall morale in the office. These ergonomic chairs allow for the ultimate level of customisation, fitting to each individual body. By going that extra mile and affording your employees this additional level of comfort, they will pay you back in return with hard work, and gratitude.

3 - Reduced Neck and Back Pain

You never fully understand a bad back until you get one yourself, and most of the time a bad back isn't just for a few days, but for the rest of your life. Sitting at a desk for hours at a time with little to no back support will irrefutably lead to some debilitating issues.

By switching out your old chairs for ergonomic office chairs you will be affording yourself or your staff with backrest supports that fit the natural curve of the spine and are high enough to offer support for the neck and shoulders as well.

As an employer you can literally save lives. It sounds ridiculous, though the Science is there. Our bodies were not designed to be sedentary. We were built to move around each day, so if we are forced with having to spend much of our day sitting down then we shall have to do it in chairs that are designed to accommodate our fragile bodies.

4 - Work Life Made Easier

Every aspect of an ergonomic office chair is designed to be adjustable to accommodate our bodies. And of course, being sat at a desk doesn't mean that we don't have to turn and twist and reach for various different things throughout the day. Something as simple as a swivel feature that allows you to get about your workstation easier not only reduces the strain on your body, but also increases your overall productivity and satisfaction.

5 - Ergonomic Office Furniture Doesn't Hold all the Solutions

All of that being said; simply swapping out your old furniture for some new and improved chairs and desks isn't going to do away with office related health issues overnight. It is also important to practice good posture, to make a conscious effort to take regular breaks away from the desk (even if it is just to grab a glass of water from the cooler)

And as a manager this is something that you should encourage. Companies that reward employees for time spent at their desk, as opposed to allowing them 5-10 minutes here and there to stretch their legs and relieve the pressure on their bodies, are ridiculous.

Your workers at the backbone of your business and if you seriously want your company to thrive and survive in the future, then you should take care to support them.