Get The Right Supplies For Your Bar, Especially a Glass Froster

Certainly, it's quite important that supplying a bar with everything you need for a night drinks service seems to be a more complex affair that you initially imagine. Ranging from the styles of glass wares to champagne/wine ice buckets to wine chiller to glass froster, you need to supply your bar with contemporary and at the same time inexpensive items.

Once you have the desired glass wares in place and your bar is well-stocked with alcohol than that's the time you might feel that you have covered almost everything perfectly. But it's not the case actually. There are many other areas that you might overlook or not yet considered. You also need back bar cooler to store the wines as it is crucial for any self-respecting bar. Moreover, you also need to forget the champagne or wine ice buckets for your bartenders in order to serve ice instantly to your customers' drinks and yet of course also a machine to supply the ice bucket and most importantly a glass froster.

Champagne/Wine Ice Buckets

Champagne or wine ice buckets are another important item that no bar can sustain without it. These ice buckets must be cheap, stylish and handy. In fact, these wine buckets will need to be provided for keeping bottled white-wine and or champagne chilled and ready to serve at the customers table instantly. You have various wine bucket choices to choose from including acrylic, aluminum or stainless steel (which is more costly). Moreover, you have double walled insulated options with the added benefit of keeping the wine at the correct temperature for extended period of time.

Wine Chillers

When it comes to the wine chillers, it's a refrigerated display unit which allows you to keep a selection of your most popular white wines or champagnes chilled and ready to place inside your wine bucket. You have varying options in refrigerated wine chillers to choose from especially in terms of style and cost and they must be chosen in-line with your bars selection and consumption of wines.

There also have glass dispensers available in the market in order to serve wine by the glass rather than just in wine bottles. With these dispensers, you can eventually increase the sales of your store.

Glass Froster

Glass froster is a refrigerated unit that enables you to serve particular specialized drinks to the customers in a frosted glass. The addition of glass froster to any bar establishment will actually make it stand out in the rivals and will draw more n more customers to your bar to enjoy the coldest drinks in town.

KoolMax Group houses an impressive range of glass frosters for inset or to be fitted on the back bar counter top. We will surely get a robust and reliable product at competitive price in town! Here at KoolMax Group, you can pick glass door froster for an attractive display of bottled spirits and liqueur. With an appropriate combination of bottles and glasses, you'll give the bar a very professional look.