House Call Doctors Are a Great Benefit For The Elderly

House call medicine is not a new concept. More than eight decades ago, a big percentage of all patients saw doctors in their own homes instead of the doctor's office or a hospital.

House call doctors helped patients, who couldn't travel to a hospital, get the much needed medical care and attention. For this reason, house call medicine is making a huge comeback.

A house call doctor's visit can last about an hour. During the visit, the doctor reviews the patient's chart and may perform a medical exam. Any medications you're taking may be reviewed to rule out any side effects of drug interactions. The goal of house call medicine is to offer the best care possible while avoiding preventable hospital visits.

There are many patients who require necessary medical care but can't wait for a doctor's appointment or travel to a hospital ER. House call medicine is an important service for patients who are too weak or sick to travel. Many seniors who suffer from chronic conditions are not able to travel to a medical facility. It is not easy for family members either to get the loved one to a doctor, especially if your loved one requires help, such as getting in and out of a wheelchair.

House call doctors ensure that you do not have to wait to get medical help when you are not feeling well.

In addition, people also feel more comfortable when they receive care in their own homes. This is especially important for homebound or bedbound elderly. It is estimated that the elderly population is expected to increase to nearly 55 million people within the next few years.

Everyone deserves the highest quality of medical attention and care. For many seniors, who are reluctant or unable to leave home, house call medicine can help them maintain their quality of life by providing regular medical care, wherever they are. Often seniors don't get the care they need because they can't travel to see a doctor. House call medicine bridges the gap between need and care. This can help to prevent bigger health issues or the need for hospitalization later.

House call medicine is not just restricted to the house call doctor. Leading house call medicine providers, such as Pacific Medical Care in San Diego, also offer diagnostic radiology, blood work and much more, right at your doorstep, making house call medicine a complete healthcare solution for the elderly.