Reasons For The Popularity of Medical Tourism in India

India has become an immensely favored destination for availing healthcare treatment for individuals across the globe. People from several parts of the world visit India every year in order to seek healthcare treatments. A major number of foreign patients in India come from the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa, the Middle-East, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In the year 2015, India became the top-most destination for Russians seeking healthcare treatments. The most prominent cities in India to receive foreign patients are Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

This country has witnessed an exceptional growth in the sector of medical tourism in the last decade. According to the CII or the Confederation of Indian Industries, the chief reason for this growth would be that in India one can get state-of-the-art medical treatments at a much lower expense, in comparison to most other countries.

In fact, in 2015 the Medical Tourism Market Report found out that India provides one of the most cost-effective and advanced medical facilities among all major medical tourism destinations. In India one can avail an extensive variety of advanced medical procedures at about one-tenth of the cost of similar treatments in the United States.

Here are few of the major reasons for the popularity of medical tourism in India:

In order to avail an absolute hassle-free medical treatment in India, you can always take help from one of the prominent medical tourism firms operating there. These companies not only assist in choosing the best hospital for availing a treatment, but they also help you to plan your travel, get visa approvals, book quality accommodation, etc. Through these companies you can avail the best of both, traditional and alternative medical treatments in India.