Health Care Methods of Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is a disease which perplexes in long term. The disease is very tough for many doctors because the reasons of chronic prostatitis are complex. In fact, right health care methods have an important effect on relieving pain caused by the disease, promoting recovery and preventing recurrence. Then, i will introduce three kinds of health care methods about chronic prostatitis as following:

First of all, we must have positive mentality, because the process of treating the disease is very long. The symptoms of chronic prostatitis only are slightly relieved after we have spent a lot of time, energy, fortune. So, many of the patients will lose their patience in psychology, live in sense of setback for a long time, which has a negative bearing on their normal life and work.

If the patients can reexamine the disease, they will find the fluctuation of the symptoms has a close relation with mood and the state of mental status. We often feel the reduction of the symptoms or even don't feel the pain in happy time or being devoted into our work and study, while we feel the aggravation of the pain in downhearted time. Conversely, the aggravation of the pain will make us more depression. In other words, this will become vicious cycle to let our mood continue depression. Therefore, it is very crucial for the patients to make endeavor to adapt to their mental status and keep positive mentality.

The second is keeping a good habit. In daily life, we must keep regular timetable, assume ample sleeping time, avoid irregular life or excessive fatigue, causing the reduction of immunity. In diet, the patients need avoid excessive alcohol and eat spicy food. Besides, because the reduction of zinc ion concentration in part of prostate can affect prostate' ability to resist some diseases after patients develop chronic prostatitis, they can have the food with high zinc such as apple, peanut and so on. At the same time, the patients also take some proper vitamin C and vitamin E to improve the symptoms by their function of antioxidants. Then, the patients should drink more water since urinary fluid can not only help drain prostate discharge, but prevent recurrent infection. What's more, proper exercise has a good effect on the adaptation of mood and the recovery of their body. The better ones are such as taking a walk, jogging and so on.

Last but not the last, it is necessary for the patients to form proper and regular sexual life. Many patients with chronic prostate have concerns about sexual life. They worry about the life will transmit causative agent into their partners or think it will aggravate the disease. So many patients with the disease live a life of abstinence. In reality, sexual excitement will increase prostate discharge. If the condition is very frequent but not drain ejaculation, it can cause the discharge gathering in prostate, offering good circumstance and medium for causative agent. In the contrary, proper and regular sexual life can drain prostate fluid, dissolve stasis, improve partial blood circulation and be good to the patients' recovery. But the patients should also avoid excessive sexual life because the case will decrease both the effect of the treatment and immunity.

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