The Treatment of Prostatitis

The treatment of prostatitis is a rather difficult problem. In the finial analysis, the may be related to the following causes including there is a level of protective film around prostate which blocks drugs into prostate tissue; prostatic gland duct is blocked by microlith, causing prostatic fluid stasis; the factors that influence prostate hyperemia can not be eliminated such as having wine, pepper and so on. Therefore, it is very crucial to choose antibiotic medicines which are easy to enter prostate tissue, to keep smooth drainage for prostate fluid, and to avoid prostate frequently congesting.

So, the treatment should attached more importance to comprehensive ways. And different forms of prostatits should be used various ways of treatment.Using single antibacterial way to treat the disease will not get desirous effect. Then, the comprehensive treatments include the following 6 aspects.

One is antibacterial methods. At the time, we should select antibiotics which are allergic, efficient, easy penetration into prostate tissue for acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis. We should adopt intravenous antibiotics for acute prostatitis to avoid abscesses in the prostate. We should depend on specific conditions to choose antibacterial medicines for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

Two is treat the disease according to specific symptoms. You can use pain relievers if have the symptoms such as frequent urge to urinate, pain during urination and so on. Alpha blocker drugs can reduce internal pressure in urinary tract, improving the symptoms of prostatitis.

Three is Chinese medicine. Many Chinese medicines have the functions such as promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis, promoting Qi and releasing pain, and clearing away heat and toxic material, for example, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.

Four is physical treatment. Warm sitz baths is the most economical way to treat the disease, which can obtain the effects such as anti-inflammation, promoting blood circulation and so on. The most suitable temperature is around 50 degree. Other physical treatments include therapeutic equipment such as microwave, ultrashort wave, radio frequency, infrared and so on,which possesses the effects of promoting blood circulation,anti-inflammation and so on.

Five is hygienic measures. You should avoid eating spicy food, chicken, fish, button and son. If not, you will prolong your time in treatment.

Six is surgical treatment. The way should adapt to serious cases of chronic prostartitis or to men whose swollen prostate blocks the urinary flow.

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