The Causes of Prostatitis

It has not been clear why prostate can be ill, but there are many researchers who have implemented study about the causes of prostate. In numerous results of research, the most remarkable achievement is that prostatitis has a close link with urinary fluid upstream.

There is a level of solid protective film outside prostate which can play an important role in protecting prostate gland. In normal cases, there are few bacteria to encroach on prostate.

However, bacteria will infringe on prostate from every part in the body when it occurs inflammation. Even so, it is difficult to directly encroach on prostate because of the protection of prostate' protective film. Thereupon, some bacteria utilize the tips of penis by blood to enter prostate. Some cells in prostate will combat with these germs. If there are few germs which enter the body and the cells in body are very strong, the body will not appear certain problems. For the germs have been perished by the cells after the struggle between the germs and the cells. On the contrary, if bacteria beat the cells and infringe on prostate, it will appear such conditions as fever, difficulty in urination and so on. The conditions are often described as acute prostatitis. At that time, the patients must size every chance to go to hospital. Acute prostatitis is not difficult to be cured. But the incidence of acute prostatitis is less high than chronic prostate. In chronic prostatitis, the incidence of chronic bacterial prostatitis is obviously higher than chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Some people think chlamydia and mycoplasma result in non-bacterial prostatits, but there is not definite experiment that can confirm prostatitis is linked to chlamydia and mycoplasma. So, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis may be a kind of pathology of inflammation without clear reasons.

According to recent research, there is an interesting experiment which is the patients with chronic prostatitis will appear the condition of urinary fluid upstream. While urinary tract which is a part of organ in human body is made of muscle. According to the principle of dynamics about urinary tract, the detrusor in the bladder and urethra will contract ; ejaculator seminis will open; then urinary fluid will discharge during normal urination. At the time, prostate which wraps urethra will feel slight pressure. After urination, ejaculator seminis will close. Conversely, prostate will encounter damage if it is abnormal during urination.

Besides, the actions will also increase the risk of developing protatitis. For instance, you have had a medical instrument recently, have had a recent bladder infection, have an enlarged prostate. There are a lot of causes about the reasons why prostatitis can form. If you want to understand them, you can click our official website: