The Reasons of Using Chinese Herbal Medicine to Treat Chronic Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of prostate gland and is one of the most common diseases in male genial system. There are different causes which can incur prostatitis. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize different ways to treat a variety of protatitis according to various reasons. The article is main to discuss the reason why we use Chinese herbal medicine to treat chronic prostatitis. At present, many male people who develop chronic prostatitis find some western medicines have a side effect on their bodies, which seriously influence their life in the long-term process of use. For instance, antibiotics possess toxic elements. If antibiotics are used most, they may damage the function of liver and kidney. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine has achieved significant improvement after many chinese medicinal researchers' clinical practice, which makes chinese medicine received widespread.

There are no certain causes about Chronic prostatits. Doctors make this diagnosis when patients have typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis, but no bacteria are found in a urine sample. The cause of most cases of chronic prostatitis is not well understood. The urine often contains white blood cells. Some patients may have a persistent low-grade infection that cannot be detected in a routine urine sample.

However, most patients who have developed non-bacterial prostatitis have no evidence of infection, even when sophisticated tests are done. In the condition, most western doctors suggest the patient to use anti-inflammatory medicines, but the medicines will increase burden on their bodies, reduce their bodies' immunity, and aggregate their pain in the body, if the medicines are used for a long time . On the contrary, Chinese medicines don't have the disadvantages such as drug resistance, and little side effect. What's more, Chinese herbal medicines do not only have efficient effect on certain place in the body, but have the property to treat the disease overall. Besides, Chinese herbal medicines have the function of promoting blood circulation, dissolving stasis, clearing away heat and dampness in pelvic cavity, and increasing the immunity of the body while enhancing self-healing ability, which can be helpful to damaged tissue.

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