4 Popular Surrogacy Myths Debunked

Many people think Women choose to use surrogates to avoid pregnancy and pain. While there may be misconceptions that women choose to use surrogates to do things such as keep their figures, often times using a surrogate is a couple's final chance at having a baby that carries one or both partner's genetic material. There are gay couples, straight couples, single fathers, older couples and couples with unexplained infertility. So there are facts about misconceptions or myths about surrogacy. The myths and facts are following.

1. Myth: Any woman can become a surrogate mother.

Fact: Not every woman is physically or mentally ready to become a surrogate mother. Lifestyle, family dynamics, financial issues, or health issues are just a few things that can cause a woman to be disqualified (as a surrogate) at some point in her life. Best IVF centre in Delhi screens for the best possible outcomes for the Intended Parents.

2. Myth: The Child will inherit some of the Surrogate' DNA.

Fact: A child's DNA comes from two places. Half comes from its mother (or egg donor) and a half from its father (or sperm donor). It's clear that a woman who carries someone else's baby contributes no DNA to the child, thereby causing no effect on the child's physical and mental characteristics because the child already has its DNA from its biological mother and father.

3. Myth: Surrogate Mothers have No Connection with the Family

Fact: The surrogate mother and the intended parents can be as connected as they want during the pregnancy and birthing process. In some cases, surrogate mothers want to share the experience with the intended parent and get them involved in the process, including going to ultrasound visits together and being present for the birth.

4. Myth: Surrogacy Is Too Expensive

Fact: In India, many people assume that surrogacy is the expensive method to have the child. Although many people assume that surrogacy is an option only available to the wealthy, many families grow with the help of surrogacy. It's not inexpensive, but it's still doable for many families.

Delhi IVF and fertility centre offer guaranteed success rates, putting your mind at ease in the unlikely event that the surrogate does not get pregnant, you'll get the money you spent at the clinic returned to you. Now a surrogate mother in India gets the equal love from the Intended parent's family and society. So say yes to surrogacy, the miracle of pregnancy is fascinating and magical.