How I Accidentally Found Back Pain Cure And Living a Pain Free Life

In my previous article, I mentioned that it took me a long way to find health and fitness.

One day in the course of my engineering service work, I was assigned to a service job on board a large cargo ship. Upon arrival, I called upon the captain to lower the ladder for my boarding. To my horror, the crews threw a rope ladder and I was supposed to climb up.

Do I have a choice? No, not at all. Either you board or get a complaint and get fired.

So I climbed and climbed the seemingly never ending rope ladder. I guess it must be about 3 storey high. It was a struggle to push and pull an 84 Kg load up a rope ladder.

Upon reaching the top, I felt that my hands were not mine and seemed unable to control them. The muscles were stiff and painful. I reported to duty and the captain then directed me to 3 different storage tanks (each 3 storey deep), and instructed me to go down to fix the problems. I was a senior service engineer with a MNC company.

OMG! I was screaming in my head. I told myself, - "Marc, if you survived this, and ever intended to further your career as a senior service engineer, you better start getting fit." To make matter worst, I wasn't given water to quench my thirst.

To cut a long story short, I survived the ordeal half alive, and both hands were shaking uncontrollably. I gripped tightly on my tool bag but couldn't feel it.

I was very thirsty and tired after the service tasks, urgently needed water and food. I drove to the nearest gas station, and there I was waiting in the queue for payment. Normally I would not pay much attention to those racks of magazines placed along side of the cashier.

This time, it was difference. A particular MUSCLE & FITNESS magazine pop right in front of my eyes, as though calling out to me. "Marc! Pick me up, you need me. Do it right now!"

I picked up the magazine, browsed through it and there it was, step by step instruction (with pictures) how to build strength and fitness. I bought it, read it cover to cover, visualised it.

On the same weekend, without hesitation, I went to the gym and applied it. The same unpleasant feeling came back, but this time, I was enjoying it.

I tried it for a couple of weeks, and loved it.

I persevered and progressed from weeks to months and finally found my strength and fitness. Soon I was putting on muscles mass. The rest was history.

My core body became stronger, and my back pain was cured, and I enjoyed my life pain free.

Three simple tips you need to follow closely to enjoy the workout.

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