Liver Transplant in India- Best Hospitals, Cost of Treatment And Procedure

India is one of the most preferred and the best destinations for liver transplant procedure. The country has carved a name for itself in the medical tourism industry by offering world-class facilities at the most affordable and attractive cost.

This Procedure is no different. The best hospitals for liver surgery in India offer state-of-the-art facilities to the patients coming from different cities within the country and from abroad.

The best liver implant hospitals in this country are renowned around the world for offering highest quality of medical care to patients. In addition, they have teamed up with some of the best transplant surgery specialists in India, who are available around the clock to conduct the initial evaluation and treatment as soon as the patient arrives.

Who can undergo liver transplant in India?

Any patient suffering from cancer of the liver or any terminal disease can undergo this procedure. End-stage liver disease patients from the neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Malaysia can easily travel to India for liver liver implant because of close proximity.

What is the cost of liver transplant in India?

The cost of liver transplant in India is almost one-third the cost of what it is in any Western country, including the US. This remains a fact even when additional and miscellaneous expenses such as the cost of anaesthesia, hospital charges, doctor's fees, duration of stay at the hospital, boarding and accommodation are taken into account.

It is estimated that the liver transplant surgery cost in India is around $15000. However, the same may cost more than $55000 in the US and other Western countries such as the UK and Russia. Thus, by traveling to India for implant, a medical tourist saves about 70 percent of their money.

Average Duration of Stay in India

Liver transplant in India may span across a period of three months. This includes pre-evaluation by the best surgery specialist in India, retrieval of liver from deceased or live donor, surgery and recovery period at the hospital. The patient is typically required to stay at the hospital for at least one month after the surgery.