Common Household Pests And How to Control Them

Pest control is the management of a particular pest, which is acting as a parasite by causing health or financial damage to an establishment and the people therein. There are pest control agencies, which employ exterminators, who are experts in the task of management and eradication of pests. They deploy different techniques depending on the situation and ensure that life around is not affected in the attempt to kill or eradicate the pests.

There are different types of common household pests: rodents, roaches, bed bugs, termites, ants, ticks, flies and mosquitoes. It is very important to have proper knowledge about the pests and their management before attempting to eradicate them.

Rat infestation, for example, can be controlled by various rat control techniques, such as traps, poison and rodenticides along with sanitation and exclusion. Rat infestation should be controlled the moment it is discovered as rats are extremely harmful to the health and property and can end up doing irreversible damages.

Cockroaches are other types of pests, which can create a nuisance by spreading diseases and spoiling food as they are capable of carrying germs with them. Cockroach control can be done through the usage of gel baiting, boric acid powder and insecticides. If the infestation is on a small scale, over the counter pesticides can work. However, if the infestation is very large, it is best to call exterminators for cockroach control.

Bed bugs control includes vacuuming, using insecticides, discarding of infested furniture, regular cleaning, etc. Termite treatment can be of two types: liquid and baits. Bed bugs and termite control require a detailed inspection and examination of the infestation, so it is best to leave it up to the professionals. The exterminators not only do a thorough treatment but also do follow-ups to ensure that there are no pests remaining in the vicinity.

Mosquitoes are very irritating and interfere with people's daily activity and entertainment. They are also responsible for causing some of the most deadly diseases, like malaria, dengue, etc. Mosquito control can be started with some of the basic hygiene steps, like not storing stagnant water and not allowing open drains or garbage. Mosquito control involves fogging, pesticides, repellents, chemical spraying,

As ants live in colonies, the treatment should involve killing the entire colony and not just a trail. Their treatment will include sealing the gaps to stop their entry, use of gel baits and non-repellent insecticide.

While a DIY approach may look like the easiest one initially, it is best to take the help of professional services to eradicate pest problems completely.