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All About Gear And Gear Manufacturing

Gears are basically a set of wheels with cogs or teeth that interlock. When the wheels interlock they turn each other. It has accurately-cut teeth around its edges with a shaft which passes through its centre. Its purpose is to transmit rotary motion and force.

Premier Pioneering The Compact-SUV Market in India

Set up in 1944, Premier Ltd is known to be India's oldest auto company. Maitreya Doshi (also acknowledged as Mittu Doshi), Promoter and Chairman and Managing Director of Premier Ltd, has worked very hard to maintain the standard of the brand in the market. Because of sheer determination and willpower, Mittu Doshi has always been successful in achieving his new goals and has largely been responsible for the strong turnaround of the company's operations.

What to Look For When Choosing The Best Prototype CNC Parts Manufacturer?

Are you running a production or manufacturing company in China? Are you in need of machined parts which are manufactured with strict adherence to the given specifications without any additional costs? If so, you have reason to smile. Thanks to the technological revolution, there's an array of prototype CNC machined parts which are designed using Computer Numerical Control equipment which cuts the material accurately and quickly thereby getting many parts of the exact size and specifications that are required. Generally, prototype CNC machining service in China produces parts that have an extremely smooth finish. Ask yourself the following questions before choosing your preferred parts manufacturer:

Injection Molding Services in China - What They Offer!

Whenever we see plastic items in various shapes, forms and sizes, we must always think about the technology which goes behind making of the same. Injection molding in combination with extrusion perhaps ranks as one of the most common processes for producing glass, plastic and other items. It is known for its speed and accuracy and therefore is very widely used across the world. China has some of the finest injection molding facilities which are known for quality and low cost operations.

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