Analyzing The Response to Medical Emergencies


We live in a country that is surging ahead in terms of economic growth, while surging ahead fast in our busy lives, we come across varied type of emergencies and we respond to them in weird manner, as most of us are not prepared for it and don't know what to do in such an emergency situation, the problem lies with our education system, where we are never taught on how to respond to emergencies, Say for example: In an event of fire many of us respond in different ways, as there aren't protocols set in place, that would guides us, someone might call 101 Fire station number and some of us jump into what we aren't trained for, we Indians mostly have a trait with us that we jump into everything and anything without thinking of the consequences, may be because we are taught too much to help others since our childhood days. It's so deeply rooted, into our minds that we jump forward to help a victim.

Though it's good to help our fellow beings at times of distress, but we have to assess the situation before helping the victim. So that the helping hands too become doesn't fall prey to hidden dangers and become victims themselves.

In an event of a criminal violence or a law and order situation we seek help from Police, we get access to the police control station by just dialing 100 and we get emergency help. The numbers 100 and 101 are recognized as the national access numbers for Police and Fire departments in the respective locality. But have you ever thought or come across a medical emergency where in you are involved or some of our loved ones or our colleagues suddenly collapse or met with an accident.


Without wasting time we put them into a car or auto and some how take them where we see Hospital board, regardless of accessing the condition or knowing what type of cases the hospital deal with, we handle them improperly and make things worse for the victim, especially in case of Accident or Trauma victims, we rush them to the nearest medical facility but always forget the principle that accident/trauma victims need trained, specialized and experienced hands.

And if you are not a properly trained person, while helping the victim, you end up risking the victim's life or disable him for rest of his life.


Think of situation where in you are a victim and you are surrounded by people who are there to help you, but none of them are trained of educated to manage such condition, luckily you are conscious and you know that you have damaged your neck or spine and you try to tell the mob around you that you are hurt, But people around you are reluctant to hear to what you say and finally you are at mercy of people who surround you. It seems to be pretty helpless situation.

In such situations who should manage them and take them to a speciality centre depending upon the severity of the situation?

Especially in an accident or in trauma situation the victim might have broken his spine of neck, which needs an immobilization before the victim is being moved from the spot of incident.

Such a service can only be offered by Emergency Medical Service EMS personnel, which is considered to be the basic health service component of every developed country, these countries have universal number for access, such as the 911 in US and 112 in UK, Some of the other developing countries too have followed the developed nations.

But unfortunately in India, we don't have proper health service or EMS system in place, which we can rely upon and wait for the help to come and save lives.

Though there are some private entrepreneurs in some of the states, who have put in some serious efforts to make some difference but these uncoordinated efforts aren't sufficient to carter to the need for such big ever-growing population.

Hence its high time we need to change the way people respond to emergencies, especially to medical emergencies and prevent unwanted death and disabilities that happen because of lack of proper timely care.

Though the article ends here and you have revised your outlook on such issues but some question still remain unanswered! Who would take a call on this issue, is it you or your government?