The Future of Concierge Medicines in India Should Physicians And Patients Consider It?

Medical concierge services have been growing in popularity over the last decade or so. This practice is especially common in places where patients specialized care or need their doctors to always be on call in case of anything. The way this mode works is, the patient pays a premium in order to get access to a doctor at any time. This translates to not only specialized care but also low wait times, 24/7 medical care as well as same-day doctor visits. This is a very good model for patients and doctors who really need it.

Benefits for the doctor

Traditional doctors can see up to 2000 patients every year. This means that they have less time to tend to their patients. They may also not be able to see the bigger picture because if you are seeing patients for 15-30 minutes at a time, you rely on other people to tell you what is going on. This is in sharp contrast to where a doctor seeing only 500 patients a year takes 2 hours to figure out what is going on with their patient. In this way, doctors are more fulfilled by the feeling of being able to do a lot more for their patients.

On the other end, what patients can pay for healthcare services on India can be capped by their insurance. This means there is little the doctor can do as they cannot go above and beyond what is available to them. This also translates to lower pay for the doctor as they are the mercy of their patient's insurance premiums. When doctors branch out to concierge medical services, they can charge a premium and thus be able to make a lot more, having more stress and feeling a lot more fulfilled as mentioned.

Benefits to the patient

The benefits that patients have can also be looked at in the spectrum of needing round the clock healthcare. Look at patients who are in line for liver transplants in India. Before they get into the operating room, a lot has to be done beforehand. Having a specialized doctor on call ensures everything goes fine. This can be translated to any patient who needs a doctor at a moment's notice. Seeing all the benefits to be had from switching to concierge medical services, it would be prudent for doctors and patients to consider it as it offers lots of benefits to both.