Optimizing SEO Content in 2018

You see, I'm referring to Google's RankBrain. No, it really isn't some zombie hell-bent on devouring the brains of any black-hat SEO unfortunate enough to trigger some penalty. RankBrain is Google's latest tool to help make the SERP's more relevant.

You can keep your head in the sand and continue writing content just like normal, or you can benefit from increased traffic by learning to write website content specifically for RankBrain. The choice is yours.


RankBrain is! In fact, it has been tested and proven to perform better than a human engineer when it comes to keeping the SERP's relevant. And relevancy is the most important thing to a search engine provider. If your searching experience frustrates you, you'll switch to Bing. That means less Ad money for Google. See why relevancy is so important? But what exactly do I mean when I say relevant search? Allow me to hit the back button and explain...

Have you ever seen something completely irrelevant show up in the SERPS? We all have. What's worse is to run an analysis on a domain in SEMrush and see hundreds of irrelevant keywords showing up. As annoying as this problem can be, RankBrain promises to clean up most of this irrelevancy from the SERPS. It uses a similar algorithm to the one created for AdWords to be able to find related phrases. RankBrain is all about intent. It can, at least partially, understand how words relate to each other.

Relevance and Ranking - How Bounce Rates and 'Pogo-sticking' Influence Rank

In the past, you might optimize a page for rustic western table lamps and get ranked for western tables. Well that's a problem if someone is looking for a table and all you have for sale is a lamp! That usually results in a high bounce rate because people aren't finding what they were looking for. RankBrain detects bounce rates and other signals to determine if a page is actually relevant for what it is ranking for. Pretty cool huh? But how do you optimize for this?

Are SEO's going to focus on Good User Experience now?

Only if they want to keep their jobs!

User experience is one of the most important factors for RankBrain optimization. Is your content compelling? Does it only convey useful information without too much fluff? Can it be easily read? Did you include relevant images and other resources for the reader? These are all broadly going to influence something commonly referred to as user experience signals. This is what you have to get right in the era of RankBrain. Here's how:

Break the Monotony PLEASE!

Take a look at all your pages and posts. Find the ones that are just text or mostly text and break up the monotony for the sake of your readers. Add in a few relevant images or design an infographic. Space these out to prevent reader fatigue. Humans are visual, and most of us get bored on some level if there is nothing to break up the text and attract our focus. So, go through your old content and freshen it up with something for the visual learners among us.

Add Bucket Brigades (Mop up all the traffic from the SERP)

How does a mop bucket help you dominate Google search?

This is an odd term that's been used by web content writers for years. This simply refers to words or phrases that keep the reader interested in the upcoming content. They are compelling and they stand out. They make you T-H-I-N-K...

And that's why they are so effective. If you're reading a 10,000 word tome, it can be BORING. But using bucket brigades engauges your reader just when they were starting to lose interest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get an Incredible SEO boost instantly with Bucket Brigades

Another Boredom Killer - Subheadings

Did you ever want to throw your computer off the roof after reading an article that was just one giant block of text with no spacing to break things up?

Don't be that blogger! Add subheadings where appropriate, and don't just stuff them with keywords. These are your opportunities to make your content look cleaner while earning your readers interest once again. Subheadings allow you to divide your content into logical sections and help your readers follow along with your article.

Now You're 99% ready to DOMINATE the SERPS in 2018

And the only thing missing is a little time and effort. So, what are you waiting for? User experience signals are a powerful way for anyone to improve their SEO results this year. You have the knowledge, and it's going to take just 1% of effort to get there. I'm not asking you to write fresh content. No! Start with your existing articles and clean them up. Add space where it's needed. Don't be afraid to write compelling in interesting subheadings. Hire a designer to create some fresh blog banner images. Just be creative and write quality, relevant topics. If you do, over time your bounce rates will go down. Google will take notice, and you'll start to rank for more relevant terms while your rank drops for the keywords that you don't want to appear on.

Now go CRUSH IT!