Extending the Life of a Synthetic Wig is Much Simpler than You Thought

Owing a seriously great synthetic wig is a serious thing. You spent a lot of time choosing the perfect do and you're not about to mess it all up now. However, no matter how well you treat your baby, with wear comes tear, and after a while the makeup and product starts building up.

So, what now? You know regular shampoos and conditioners is a no go, but what then is a girl to do?

There is a secret, a miracle product that will restore your wig to its former glory and best of all, compared to the professional products the beauticians try to convince you you just have to have, it's quite inexpensive. It's fabric conditioner! Here's how it works.

Basic maintenance

One of the biggest problems with synthetic wigs is that, just like any other synthetic fibre, after a while they build static. This makes them loose shape and that freakin' awesome style you worked so hard to create. Oh yes, and who can forget the irritation of the flyaway frizz you end up having to deal with. Thankfully, all these issues are pretty easy to fix. Here's what you do:

When the going gets tough

Like we've established, no matter how well you look after it, that wig's gonna start looking sad at some point. Still, there's no reason to chuck it. Instead, try this:

Aaaaannnd... You're done! Style your good-as-new do and, once more, wear it with pride.