Arts and Crafts for Cold Winter Days

When it's cold, the chances are that your little ones are less inclined to want to go and play outside. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as you probably don't want them catching a cold from the cool winter air! Luckily, when the weather is particularly frosty and you are cooped up inside with restless kids, there are some fun arts and crafts that will keep them entertained for hours. Here are just a few ways in which to keep your kids busy in winter:

'Simon Says' Drawing

Do you remember the fun game from your youth called 'Simon Says'? Now you can add a bit of creative flair to it with this variation:

Tip: Make it extra fun by having a purpose for the game. For example: drawing a house. 'Simon says draw a square, Simon says draw windows' etc.

Ice Cream Stick Puppets

This one takes some pre-planning.

Paper Plate Fish and Masks

Extra tip: If your children are adept at using scissors, let them make fun masks! They can cut out eye holes and decorate with glitter, crayons, buttons and anything that they can get their hands on. Punch a hole on either side and string through a piece of elastic band so that they can wear their fun DIY masks!

Playdough Creations

If you wake up to a cold winter snap and don't have much for the kids to do, you can make your own playdough! Simply:

Once your kids are all 'arts and crafted' out, you can allow them some time playing some fun online games for kids. Do some research and find age-appropriate games for them that they can enjoy in front of the computer for as long as you will allow them. Who said cold days have to be boring?