How to Choose a Sewing Fabric for Your Sewing Project


When it comes to choosing a sewing fabric for your sewing project there is always a lot of personal choice involved. That said there are always considerations which should be taken into account if you want your sewing project to turn out well. Choosing sewing fabrics is right up there with choosing the right sewing needle, the right thread and the right sewing foot for the job. Sewing material comes in many varieties and while a particular print might be jumping out at you, consider if it is going to be the best fabric for your project before you buy it.

Fabric Types

Natural, synthetic, thick, thin, plain or print are just some of the choices you will be faced with. Match the fabric to your project and your personal fabric preferences. Some people love synthetics while others love only natural fibers. Cotton fabrics work best for piecing a quilt and if you want to make jeans, go for heavy denim. Chiffon, voile and lawn work well for very lightweight, 'floaty' type clothing. Synthetics require little care while cottons and linens do.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Some fabrics can require some experience to sew properly and while you might want to use a particular fabric for a project, you should always be honest with yourself about your skill level. If you overestimate this, it is very likely you will not make a good job of your project and have to start over with new fabric. A good tip is to purchase a remnant that is similar to the fabric you want to use and practice sewing on it until you feel you are skilled enough to move onto the real thing.


There are some stunningly beautiful sewing fabrics out there, particularly if you are interested in making clothing and they come with an equally stunning price per meter. If you are going with these fabrics, make sure you have a special project planned. Silks, satins and lace can be exquisite and have their place so long as you have the budget and the skills to produce projects worthy of their beauty.

Fabric Collectors

If you don't have a project in mind but find yourself in a fabric store in the midst of a never to be repeated sale on sewing fabrics that you just have to have, you are in danger of becoming a fabric collector. Now this could also be creative indulgence because once you see a fabric you will immediately see a range of project opportunities popping before your eyes. If you have room to store these fabrics, go with the creative flow and pick it up while you have the chance. If not, think about if the particular fabric will still be in vogue in twenty years, assuming you were planning on making clothes out of it.


Selecting sewing fabrics can be a lot of fun, regardless of the project you are using it for. Ultimately you will want to select the most suitable fabric for your project and that could involve spending time balancing fabric type, print design and/or cost.