Coins, Coins, Coins - Places to Metal Detect II

Fairgrounds and picnic areas are excellent sites to search in with your favorite metal detector. These two places are favorite places where people of all ages come together and have fun. What else do you think they do? They all have money to spend right? Some of this money will be dropped and end up buried in the ground, the perfect scenario for us treasure hunters to take our metal detector and look for good finds.

Recreational vehicle parks, amusement parks and carnival sites are also good site to find coins. I always take my Garrett Ace 250 metal detector with me to search for coins after the carnival packs up and leaves towns and believe me I have found tons of coins. I have also found jewelry like rings and bracelets and tons of other good stuff too.

Then there's swimming areas like lakes and rivers, when people go swimming in these places they take of their clothes to put of a pair of trunks or a bathing suit and guess what they drop coins too.

Try parking areas that are not paved, their sandy, grassy or just plain dirt. Next try children's camp site, summer camps, fishing camps and hunting camps, lots of people, maybe lots of treasures. I have had a lot of success in old home sites and I have found loads of coins, relics, buttons, buckles, bullets, a few pieces of jewelry etc..... Explore these places and get ready to fill your pockets with treasures.