How to Shortlist Google App Reseller?

With recent program announced by Google, an authorized reseller can sell Google apps to the business customers across the world. They can even help in customization or extend required support to sell Google apps. This decision is taken by the company to create new revenue opportunities to partners and provide easy accesses popular Google services to more business organizations. This is good to both small and big business organizations that are looking to accesses the services of giant search engine Google. Problem at this juncture is choosing the right Google app reseller. The current article will guide you about how to choose right reseller Google app services.


Before you start your hunt to find right reseller, you should who this reseller is. They are IT solution providers that have demonstrated knowledge and competence with Google apps deployment. They help you different services like deployment Management, technical setup, data migration, user training, systems integration, custom application extensions and support. You can find these resellers in the Google Apps market place. You can select vendors by category. Check their profiles, customer feedbacks and the services offered by them before you choose one.


You can find thousands of resellers across the world but, you should choose one based on your specific requirements like size of your company, industry, software and deployment needs.

Small versus large organizations

The market place of Google apps is divided into two implementations. One is for medium and large business and the other is small business. The size of the business is decided based on the number of users you have. Your business is considered as small if you have less than 100 users. Even the pricing and services of resellers are listed based on this. Depending on the number of users you have in the organization, you should choose between small implementation section and Medium/Large/Enterprise implementation section.


The industry which your business is in is also one of the key factors for choosing app reseller. When you review the offering of the reseller, you should check if they have served clients in your industry because some resellers focus on specific industry and provide their services. If you choose the reseller that has served the clients in your industry, you will be benefitted with specialized knowledge he has about legal requirements and optimal set up.


Most of the time, Google apps deployment for both large and medium size business will be completed remotely. If your organization is large and you have some complex needs, you need to meet the reseller in person to get your requirements done. In such cases, it is advisable to choose Google app reseller head-quartered at your locality.

Legacy software

Take your legacy software into consideration while choosing reseller because you pan to transfer legacy data into Google apps. Check if the reseller has experience in working with your legacy software. Some might be very specific about this. Some resellers even do have their own software application to transfer the data into Google apps.