Key Development of Girl's Education in India

Girl's education in India is very crucial for everyone. Well, some communities do discriminate against the education of the girl child. According to some statistics, approximately 57 million children throughout the world aren't going to school. There has been a lot of questions as to the reason behind the girl's education in India and why do some NGO's in India are in support of the girl child education. The following are key development areas where the girl's education in India has seen improvement.

Reduction in maternal mortality: Educated women who has greater knowledge of health care issues and minimal pregnancies are less prone to die during childbirth, pregnancy or during the postnatal period. The increased education of girls will lead to more female health care providers to aid with prenatal medical care, labor, and delivery. Apart from this, it will assist in complications during delivery, emergencies and follow up care.

Decrease of infant mortality: The children of women that are educated are less prone to die before their first year of birth. Girls who haven't received any form of education are more likely to die as a result of contracting HIV/AIDS and more able to pass it to their children. Primary education alone won't drastically help in reducing the infant mortality significantly, but secondary education can help more. This is one reason that many sponsor for education the girl child in India.

A brighter future of the generations: When you educate a male child, you educate a single person, but when we educate the girl child, it is the education of the family and whole nation as a whole. As many claim, investing in a girl's education is investing in a nation. This is nothing just from the truth.

Decreased child Marriage: Child marriage in most cases has to do with young girls from 6 to 8 years. This always end in the schooling process of the girls involved. The outcome is illiterate of the young mother without the required tools in building a healthy and educated families. With the awareness from major NGO's in India about the issue of girl child education in India, this has reduced in a way.

Increased involvement in the political process: The girl's education in India can help a lot. Educated women have a higher chance of getting involved in various political discussions, decision making and meetings, which at the end will promote effective and more representative government. This can be seen all through the world where women are contributing immensely to the development of the nation from Germany to the United State of America to Liberia.

Reduction in sexual and domestic violence: The education of the girl and women in general will help in reducing the likelihood of them becoming victims of sexual and domestic violence or endure it in their families.

Improved socioeconomic development: educated women have higher chances of eradicating poverty and living a more productive lives. They can help in increasing the standard of living for their families, children and their communities in whole.

These and many more are the key reasons behind the education of the girl child in India.