Why Everyone Cannot Travel Even If They Want

Just because you want something with all your heart does not mean that you can get it. The same idea goes for travel; some people are so badly stuck in the situations of their lives that they cannot hopscotch the world no matter what! The world of internet is replete with travel blogs, which say that you just need to be 'brave enough' to travel around the world, but once you do the fact check, you might find that the circumstances do not allow you to leave your city.

No one has the right to direct you to be like them. If people think that they have got the guts to do whatever they want, it is their choice. Not even a single person should dominate you, not at least when you do not want it. You might want to follow the ideals of someone, or the kind of life they lead, but then it is your choice. If you do not feel good about someone's philosophy of life, you do not need to go along their trail of travel or anything else for that matter.

The socio-economic background

The ignorant travel junkies will never tell you that you should continue with your standard life, but the wise ones will do. The wise, prudent travelers who have actually traveled the world and experienced the accurate understanding of social values will never say that travel is possible for everyone. The socio-economic setting of a community plays a significant role in developing the mindset. The amount of courage one has depends on what kind of upbringing he or she has got. You cannot expect a child to be brave if he or she could not have supportive parents. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

Yes, it is great to inspire people to see the world beyond their locale, but we should never discourage anyone who cannot do that. Let us stop pretending that all of us are born equal, and we can achieve anything we want. No, we cannot! And we can! Many people are not valiant enough to admit that they were born lucky. They have had the advantage of well-earning parents, and they had spent a good time in the university, which gave them an excellent exposure to the world. Studying in a high-school and a college does not come to everyone naturally. It is a matter of sheer luck to millions of kids around the world.

Be a sagacious traveler

If you were fortunate enough to be a vacationer, the onus falls on you to be empathetic rather than feeling sympathetic. You might have visited places where the people are not wealthy. The hamlets in every country please every nomad to visit and spend a few days or weeks, but only a rare number of people can gather the courage even to say that they can spend their entire life at that place.

It feels good to be in a small town for some days, but it takes guts the size of a mountain to quit city life and live there forever. You would always like to take a break and visit the quaint villages situated in the hills, except that you would never want to be there until you die. For that reason, it is important to respect people for the choices they make for their lives and let them be however they want. Just because you have a gifted life, you should not judge others for their choices. It is only then that you will fathom the true definition of a traveler.